The Reasons That Many Founder Value Working On Weekends

Most founders of a company are doing what they love so working can be considered a fun challenge daily. The issue with working during the week as a founder at a startup is that your attention has to be divided in a multitude of directions. Those founders that have taken a weekend to concentrate on work have been surprised with the amount that they accomplish. Eliminating chatter in the office as well as staff meetings that could have easily been covered in an email can make a huge difference. Below are the reasons that founds love working on weekends.

Excuse To Not Do Something Undesirable

Founds in certain industries are constantly being invited to seminars to speak or even with clients for entertainment. Simply stating that work has to be done is the perfect excuse to get out of things you simply do not want to do. This even works in personal situations as a significant other usually is understanding when you are making money for the family instead of out partying. This does not mean that you cannot do something for fun but rather than binge on Netflix for hours over the weekend, do a bit of work instead.

Work Can Be Done While Watching The Big Game

There are certain aspects of people’s jobs that they can pretty much do on autopilot. This could be data entry or setting up agendas for meetings that they have weekly. This type of administrative work that does not deal with clients can be done while a bit distracted by watching the big game. With all of the commercials during games there is a solid hour of work that can be done during down times of the game. Do not think that work can’t be done while enjoying something.

Working Somewhere Like The Beach

Founders need to be in the office to set the tone and have staff trusting that they are working hard with them. A founder skipping the office to work on the beach can cause staff to resent the founder as working on the beach sounds quite enticing. Take the time to work somewhere that you genuinely enjoy being whether it is a park, restaurant, or even a local bar with Wi-Fi. This can help recharge your professional batteries while still being productive.

Meetings Done On The Golf Course

Meetings done in the office can accomplish quite a bit but meetings on the golf course can do much more. While papers might not be signed there rapport can be built that can lead to a long term business relationship. Being able to connect with a client on a personal level gives the founder the advantage when it comes time to pitch. There will be some prospects that will sign a contract due to the fact they enjoy working together as they have already done research on multiple companies. Board rooms can have large contracts signed but meeting on the golf course can help those contracts be signed for years to come.

Working on the weekend does not have to be a nightmare and it can help reduce your stress during the week. Try the above tips to see if working on the weekend helps you manage your week in a more positive way.


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