Great Ways to Raise Your Student GPA in College

A strong GPA in college can be an important part of landing your dream job after graduation, and is sure to be even more important if you are interested in pursuing a masters, doctorate or other form of high education after your undergraduate studies have completed. 

So, if you are trying to find out some great ways to raise your GPA in college, here are some of the best. 

Keep track of your college GPA

One of the very best ways to make sure that you are increasing your GPA is to keep track of it. Finding a trusty college GPA calculator is a very good way to do this. The reason why it is wise to keep track of where your current GPA stands is because it helps you avoid magical thinking. 

Don’t allow yourself to be easy on yourself by ‘forgetting’ to exclude a couple bad test scores or final grades. Go through your entire course history and equate your GPA to know what you have now and what you must do in the future to reach your goal. 

Go to class

This should be pretty self-explanatory. If you want to do well in your classes you should, well, actually go to your classes. Too often, students in their first year or two of college seem to think that class is voluntary. This is especially true when classes take place in large auditoriums that do not take attendance and that house hundreds of students at a time. 

Being present and active in class will not only help you better understand that information that you are trying to learn, it will also allow you to potentially build a relationship with the professor who is teaching the course. This will only improve your chances at success now, and in any future course you may take with them. 

Join or form a study group 

Sometimes, it helps to tackle a class with a large course load with the help of some of your fellow peers. Consider asking some of the people you are friendly with in your class if they would like to meet outside of class so that you can all discuss and better understand that material at hand. 

Take advantage of office hours 

One great way to better improve your grades and gain a better understanding of the course work is to attend office hours to meet with the professor or TA’s of the class. Getting one-on-one learning time with a professor to make sure that you have mastered a given aspect of the course will not only help you succeed in the short term, it will also help you build upon that knowledge so that you can be sure of success to come further down the road. 


This one should be obvious, but for some students it just isn’t. Of course, you want to have fun in college and explore the independence that comes with this new stage in life. That being said, make sure that you also give your body and mind the time it needs to refuel and recharge everyday so that you can be ready and rested for the work ahead!

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