Take Ownership of Your Freewill and Preserve Your Humanity

Humans are born free through their ability to reason and make cognitive decisions. However, as they grow, they subscribe to societal norms, ideologies, religions, and political stances that take that freedom away. It is becoming increasingly hard to express one’s free will in today’s society of capitalism, social media, censorship, and cancel culture. 

Courtenay Turner, a writer, show, and podcast host, uses her platform to inform, inspire and empower people to exercise their free will and preserve their human rights. According to her, people are entitled to their views, opinions, and principles. It is wrong for anyone to be persecuted for exercising their right to free will. 

Courtenay is also a host of a show that teaches movements that help people heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She provides her audience with easy and digestible information to empower them to exercise their freewill, take ownership and preserve the freewill of humanity. 

Movements with a Power of Healing

Courtenay’s journey to enlightenment is not an easy one. She has overcome hardships in her life. Through overcoming these hardships, she has learned to speak out for herself. She has learned the importance of taking control of your life and living up to your principles. 

This visionary woman was born with congenital rubella. This condition causes an infant to develop afflictions such as unilateral blindness, severe hearing loss, hypotonia affecting the limbs, heart complications, asymmetrical bone development, stunted growth, and poor motor coordination, among other complications.

Due to her conditions, the doctors advised her parents to find a suitable institution where she would live out the rest of her life. Unable to accept such a life for their beloved daughter, Courtenay’s parents developed exercises, simple gymnastics, and childhood sports to keep her active.

These movements led to her healing, growth, and improved health. Additionally, she overcame poor coordination, hypotonic muscles, poor vestibular sense, and lack of depth perception. Courtenay grew to be a passionate, athletic child.

Courtenay is proof of the healing powers of movement. She now passes on the healing powers of the movements she practiced from infancy to others. She was able to overcome her adversities and take charge of her life. She inspires others to seize control of their lives and enjoy their right to freedom. 

Taking Ownership of Your Freewill

During the pandemic, the hearing impaired Courtenay Turner struggled as she relied on lip-reading to communicate with others. She couldn’t tell what anyone was saying with everyone’s masks on. She felt alone and isolated. She faced much resistance when she opened up about how the mask regulations affected her.

It takes bravery to stand up and talk openly about your opinions without fearing how others might react. Courtenay believes speaking out about your views and defending them publicly is vital in taking control of your life and exercising freedom.

Courtenay uses her podcast to hold meaningful discussions about health, lifestyle, fitness, geopolitics, and philosophy, among other topics. She encourages her listeners to voice their opinions even if they differ from her own. She believes it is through deep and intellectual discussions that we can get to the truth.

Courtenay discusses issues such as depression, anxiety, isolation, and how to overcome these feelings. From personal experience, she empowers other people to speak up about their problems without fear of persecution. She encourages people to exercise their freedom by living per their principles and integrity.

Lately, people are facing feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, and helplessness. Courtenay informs, inspires, and empowers people to be less dependent on social systems and take responsibility for their future. She views the world as an ecosystem to which everyone has been gifted with skills and talents to contribute.

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