How Programs Like CDPAP Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Consumer Based Selling/Thinking

CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is a program in New York that can help with home care. The perk of this program is that the person gets to choose their caregiver which can be a family member. This follows the trend of the consumer being much more in control of the services they garner or products they purchase. Entrepreneurs can learn quite a bit from this programs and others like it as addressing the consumer is more important than ever as consumers are much more educated on certain topics due to the internet. The following are a few areas where CDPAP can teach entrepreneurs a thing or two.

Addresses A Common Issue

CDPAP addresses a common issue which is that of people due to age or injury having difficulty caring for themselves appropriately. Nearly every single person at some point will need this type of help. Entrepreneurs when creating a product or service need to address a common problem in order to make their demographic of customers as large as possible. The knowledge of CDPAP can be life changing but it is important to be informed about programs like this. From an entrepreneurs prospective marketing a product/service that people ARE going to need is much more likely to be successful than marketing something the people MIGHT need.


The ability to choose the caregiver empowers the person needing the care instead of just being assigned a person who is a complete stranger. Entrepreneurs can look at this as a way to manage clients utilizing the same client manager when possible throughout the duration of a business relationship. People who have built rapport are much easier to trust and it makes it a difficult decision to end this relationship. Personalization in CDPAP and business in general will be met with far less resistance than less custom options.

Understanding The Target Demographic

Understanding the target demographic like CDPAP does is important in business. The fact that a person will have peace of mind while being able to stay in their own home with a family member versus an assisted living facility is the perk of all perks. Entrepreneurs need to do extensive research to make sure that they understand their target demographic and avoid alienating any subsections of this demographic. Market research is an effective way to make sure that an entrepreneur’s marketing and ad campaigns achieve the highest ROI possible.

CDPAP is a great example of a program that understands the needs of citizens and offers a solution. Entrepreneurs that can create programs or businesses in this type of way are sure to succeed.

Help Enrolling Can Be Difficult Without Help

Finding the right company to help with the enrollment process is important. Edison Home Health Care can make it easy to enroll as they understand the paperwork that need to be completed and eligibility requirements. Entrepreneurs can learn that making the sales process as easy as possible will yield higher conversions rates. A checkout process on an ecommerce site for example being as seamless as possible doesn’t not allow a person to think about their purchase thus eliminating those items stuck in a checkout cart for months.

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