Chris de Diego Weighs In On Where The NFT Industry Is Heading

Chris de Diego

Chris de Diego thinks that the surge in NFT was perhaps the most significant crypto story in the year 2021. Not only has NFT infiltrated popular culture and made digital asset ownership a more commonly understood idea in the last 12 months, but the sector has also grown to billions of dollars in monthly trades.

The central area of concern for NFT enthusiasts is the future prospect of this market. Will this hype stand the test of time, or will it fade away in no time? Experts across the board have different opinions on where exactly Non- Fungible Tokens are headed in the crypto world.

Chris de Diego and the NFT Industry

In this brief conversation, Chris de Diego takes a stand on this issue. Chris de Diego is an expert in blockchain-related technology, NFT news and strategies, marketing analytics, and real estate investment.

On whether the NFT industry is growing or regressing

To Chris de Diego, in order to project where the NFT industry is headed, it is important first to know where it is in the present. It is glaring even to the blind that NFTs are booming and gradually replacing the conventional form of artistry. 

There has been a rave in the industry since its boom in 2021, and everyone is trying to tap into this opportunity. Thus, it can be said that the digital assets industry is growing at the moment. The incredible NFT projects dropping each month are just one of the indicators of this phenomenon.

The current state of the NFT industry

At the moment, NFTs are growing, but what does the future have in stock for them? Will the digitalized assets continue to replace the physical ones for long, or will they faze out shortly? 

Chris de Diego points out that there is the risk of volatility just like every other crypto asset. Various factors could influence the future of NFTs, but at the moment, there are no indications from the market to show that NFT projects will fail in the coming days.

The future of the NFT industry

We have seen that at the moment, the NFT industry is growing and shows no indication of failing anytime soon. However, the next question is, what are the possible modifications or advancements crypto enthusiasts, and experts should look out for in the industry in the nearest future?

Chris de Diego predicts a future where a person’s whole collection of NFTs would be able to travel with them via hyper-realistic virtual reality experiences. We might even see digital NFTs that can be utilized as both physical and virtual goods in the future.

The industry is still relatively young, but from the look of things, NFTs may change the face of gaming as we know it. Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT based online video game out there, and we look forward to seeing more of such games built around NFT in the subsequent years.

The future holds potential for artists too. NFTs may be demanded by art investors in addition to traditional works of art, and there could be a virtual gallery in the metaverse.

Is it safe, therefore, to invest in NFTs or not?

Having weighed the pros and cons of investing in NFTs, Chris de Diego thinks they are a good investment if you get started in NFTs the right way. It is safe to assume from the foregoing that the NFT market will continue to expand and who knows what might happen? Maybe in a few years, your investment will be worth a fortune!

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