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Which Big Brands Are Now Using NFTs [Click Clone Cash Shares Insights]

Big Brands Are Now Using NFTs

NFTs become more and more mainstream every single year. So how mainstream are they? They’re so mainstream that huge companies and organizations are starting to use them in their advertising, processes, and events! Which brands are doing this exactly? 

Well, we talked with Click Clone Cash in order to figure that out. Click Clone Cash is a team of marketing experts and the primary source for NFT news, tips, and analysis. They agreed to share their insights on who is using NFTs and how. So let’s take a look at the list! 


Nike was one of the first and most well-known users of NFT technology. Click Clone Cash applauded Nike for their Crypto kicks project, where anytime a customer bought a select pair of shoes, they’d receive an NFT version of those shoes online. 

They did this by giving the user a code, which they could redeem online. Click Clone Cash loves this strategy so much because it reaches two different groups of people that love collecting. NFT collectors and sneakerheads that collect shoes. Now both groups have a reason to purchase Nike shoes. 

Taco Bell

Taco Bell took to the market with a very common marketing strategy that’s been utilized for over a century, charity! Taco Bell created a project of NFTs, and instead of selling them outright, they held an auction. 

Click Clone Cash says that auctions are very popular in the NFT community, but Taco Bell’s auction was special because the proceeds went towards their scholarship programs. This boosted their brand and helped people, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Taco Bell started off the auction with all 25 minted Gifs at $1. By the end, every single one sold for thousands! 

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is in a similar situation as Nike. They are a toy brand, but many adults actually collect the Hot Wheels toys. This means that two types of collectors are going to look at Hot Wheels, just as they did with Nike. 

Click Clone Cash explained to me how Hot Wheels created one of the largest NFT collections of any major brand, with over 5,000 NFTs in the collection. The best part is that many of these NFTs could even be redeemed for a physical collectible item. 


McDonald’s utilized another amazing strategy that Click Clone Cash took note of. They created 10 McRib NFTs in order to commemorate their limited edition sandwich. 

10 is not a lot, which already made the NFTs rare and collectible, but on top of this limit, they only allowed those that retweeted their announcement to purchase the NFTs! This got them a lot of publicity at the time and increased the value of the NFTs tenfold. Click Clone Cash believes this marketing tactic was absolutely genius. 


Finally, we land on one of the biggest brands in the world, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola promoted their NFT project drop by announcing special secret prizes for the initial purchase. These prizes ranged from virtual clothes for the platform Decentraland to a Coca-Cola friendship card

According to Click Clone Cash, Coca-Cola already has a massive fanbase of collectors, so this was a fantastic drop, but adding on secret prizes for the buyers was pure genius.

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