Ask An Executive: Exclusive Interview With Koen Vanpraet On Company Growth Hacks

Exclusive Interview With Koen Vanpraet

When companies set out, they have different objectives, all of which are summed into the word “Growth.” Therefore, achieving this growth is paramount, although not relatively easy to achieve.

In this interview with Koen Vanpraet, he will reveal growth hacks for companies. Koen Vanpraet is a business leader and client advocate who is engaged in management consulting both for large and small teams in businesses and loves to inspire teams.

How important would you say a company’s growth is as an executive?

I think one thing we need to understand is that no company is created to fail. Each company had an objective when it was formed, and as far as the objective is still relevant, they have to grow to meet it. 

So, to me, I don’t think any company can do without growth. It is a very important and a necessary part of a company’s structure. 

Despite the importance you have highlighted, it is obvious that some companies still don’t experience the kind of growth they want; what can you say is responsible for that?

Yes, many companies fail to grow despite trying all they do. The problem is not with trying but with doing the wrong things. There are hacks to a company’s growth, and where a company is not doing these, there might be little to show for growth. 

These hacks you speak of for company growth, what are they? 

There are many ways that a company can achieve growth, but the ones I am about to mention have been tried and tested, and they have proven to be great for helping companies achieve growth. 

  1. Letting your customers see the proof: This is 2022, and many clients don’t just patronize a company for their service or product without first assuring themselves that they won’t regret their action. This is why having proof works in your favor. The best proofs to have are reviews from other clients in this line. When potential clients read those, they would be reassured with your products or services and would be more inclined to patronize you. 
  2. Be Available: Being available to attend to your clients is important. You can do this by having a chatbot on your website where clients can ask questions and get answers in real-time. This assures them that you are committed to ensuring they have a great experience.

Other hacks you can try out include

  • Being transparent
  • Treating your employees great
  • Giving your marketing strategy a lift
  • Adopting technology and innovation to automate different things 

What’s your honest stance about these hacksIs it that once implemented, a company would automatically grow?

These hacks would work great, but I do not promise that they would be automatic as a business leader and client advocate. So, you have to put in the effort and commit to making them work. 

You need to adopt them as if everything depends on them. As we already know, success comes to those who intentionally pursue it.

Is there anything a company must watch out for or avoid while implementing these hacks? 

Of course, there are things a company that wants to grow will need to avoid. For one, it will have to avoid hiring people or setting up teams that do not believe in the company’s goal. 

company’s success is reflective of how fired up its human resources are. So, this must be gotten right. Also, a company has to watch out for intentionality in its actions and that of its employees.

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