Resort Save: The Top 10 Reasons Why Families Love Orlando, FL

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There are some vacation destinations that are timeless, fun-filled, and perfect for the whole family. Orlando, Florida definitely takes a top spot on this list. Every year, millions of families flock from all over the world to Orlando, to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Whether you’re a couple, a family with little ones, or an extended family, Orlando has countless offerings for everyone to enjoy. Here are the top 10 reasons why families love Orland, Florida.

#1. The Weather Can’t Be Beat

Orlando is paradise when it comes to the weather. Enjoy the balmy, warm breeze that blows through the palm trees. When you get hot, hit the pool or the ocean for a dip. The temperature is nearly perfect all year round. Summertime can see some rain showers, but they tend to pass quickly. Orlando is a perfect beach destination in every season.

#2. Theme Parks for Thrills

Orlando is home to some of the best theme parks in the world. Of course, there’s the classics: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. But there’s also Volcano Bay, SeaWorld, and Islands of Adventure. Plus, one of the great things about these parks is they’re always adding new rides and attractions, so even if you’ve visited before, it’s likely you’ll find something new to enjoy.

#3. An Adventure for Your Palate

Orlando is home to an exciting and adventurous food scene. In fact, the New York TImes even ranked it number 13 in its “52 places to go in 2015,” because of the food. There are dozens of Thai, Indian and Korean restaurants, but there’s also Malaysian, Polish, and Scandanavian food. Plus, plenty of restaurants serve up Cajun food and BBQ.

#4. Family Fun

It’s rare to find a place where kids can stay engaged all day. In Orlando, there’s no shortage of activities to do with the whole family, including teenagers and kids. Theme parks and beaches can keep kids of all ages entertained for days on end.

#5. Lively Nightlife

For couples and the adults in the family, Orlando has a vibrant nightlife. There are hundreds of bars, clubs, resorts and lounges. Some hotspots are themed, such as The ICEBAR bar and lounge, which has a bar carved from solid ice.

#6. Unique Wildlife

It’s not every day you can spot an alligator lounging on a golf course. But in Orlando, odds are you’ll run into some unusual wildlife, including manatees. Plus, you can take a trip to SeaWorld or GatorLand, to see more of these creatures up close.

#7. Shoppers Paradise

Orlando is paradise when it comes to shopping. You can visit Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive or visit the Florida Mall for high-fashion brands. Just make sure you leave some space in your suitcase to take home your new purchases.

#8. An Out-Of-This-World Experience

While you’re in Orlando, take a trip that’s out of this world. The Kennedy Space Center is a hands-on space museum, which features interactive simulators that immerse you in a space experience. You can watch a 3D IMAX film about space. Plus, kids can meet real astronauts.

#9. Chocolate Lovers Are in Luck

Most people agree just how great chocolate is. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can go on the Chocolate Kingdom Factory Tour. It’s an immersive experience that shows you just how chocolate is made, from bean to bar. It’s great for kids, and you can even get your own personalized chocolate bar.

#10. Natural Beauty is All Around

When you’re ready for a break from city life, Orlando is full to the brim with natural beauty. There’s the lush Lake Eola Park, and the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. Plus, you can visit the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge to see rehabilitating wildlife, such as lemurs and hawks.

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