Skills That An Entrepreneur Can Leverage To Make Extra Income

Creating extra income on a weekly basis can make a huge difference at the end of the month and an enormous difference by the end of a year. The ability to reduce stress about income can allow an entrepreneur to focus on building the business in the correct way instead of only stressing profits. Businesses like this build reliable relationships with clients and long term clients are what corporate juggernauts are made of. Certain skills are much more valuable than others and can allow a person to make extra income. Below we will delve into a couple of these skills.


The life of a freelance writer is full of freedom as there are plenty of companies that need some kind of content written. Finding a gig with an ecommerce website can be extremely profitable as they will need thousands of product descriptions done. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is hitting your deadlines as this is the way to keep those consistent gigs. Go to a freelance platform like Upwork and you will be able to be connected with clients. For someone that runs another business this can also be a great place to make other professional connections.

Web Design

Having web design skills can allow you to earn quite a bit of money freelancing. All business owners have realized that not having a website can make a long time business look less than legitimate. Content creation companies also need people to design certain logos or even something like an infographic. This might take a little more time to find work than freelance writing as there are plenty of coding languages and platforms to design on. If you have limited skills you might have limited opportunities if you are not careful. Freelancer platforms again are the best route as you can guarantee you will get paid for your work.

Organizational Skills

There are quite a few executives that might have business savvy 24 hours a day but lack the organizational skills to leverage this says one executive at Plenty of these people need virtual assistants to help with everything from responding to emails or setting meetings. Being able to help a high level executive organize can also teach you about organization in your business. With this being said there are those people that use their virtual assistants for data entry with little interaction besides instructions.


Being able to speak multiple languages is a valued skill that can be leveraged nearly immediately. A phone interpretation service like the one found at can help businesses expand internationally. These companies are willing to pay a premium price so finding a platform like the one mentioned above can make a huge difference. Simply translating from one language to another in an efficient and accurate way will help you practice the language you are fluent in but might not speak on a regular basis.

As you can see you can still have a side gig even if your regular business is doing well. This can provide that freedom to really develop a business of the highest quality without being pressured to profit immediately. Try one of the above to earn some extra money this week and you will see how convenient it is.

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