Listen Up Entrepreneurs: How to Work At Home and Be Incredibly Productive

For entrepreneurs work does not end when they leave the office as they often times are constantly doing some form of work whether they realize it or not. For this reason it is important to set up a home office and be productive in the time that you are working from home. This can even add to productivity on a daily basis by reducing the need for a commute if the business is home based or has employees that work remotely a few times a week. This will take a combination of motivation as well as comfort as you will want to be comfortable as you conclude those last few tasks of the day. The following are tips for entrepreneurs to be ultra-productive when working from home.

A Comfortable Chair

Having a comfortable office chair or even massage chair with deep tissue sports massage capabilities is essential to help you unwind after the office when you haven’t quite finished working and need to finish up something at home. Those that work from home that are sitting for a majority of the day need good lumbar support. Being hunched over due to having an uncomfortable chair will cause you to get up and stretch more often which can reduce productivity. This does not mean that you should not take breaks but after a long day all you want to do is finish up and relax.

Solid Door To Reduce Noise

The distractions that come with working at home are quite abundant as family and friends can interrupt your flow of work. Even like noise from the kitchen can lead to a person losing their train of thought. Doors with windows are not recommended with kids and pets as both will look at you through the window making you want to stop working. For those people that live alone you can make any room your office but make sure you section off a part of your home for when you need to do serious work.

A Pet and Child Free Zone

Making your home office a pet and child free zone can help you get more done at home. Late night working can be a great compromise as you will be working when the children are asleep. An attention needy pet though might never leave you alone if you deny it the attention it craves. Make your office a place for work and nothing else as you will be tired of sitting in the same room for hours at a home.

Realistic Daily Goals Of Work Completed

Getting work done at home is relative because if you expect to email thousands of people with custom emails per day you are going to fail. Failing due to unrealistic expectations can lead to a lack of motivation over the course of time. Set an agenda for the day and time yourself doing each task that you do daily. This will allow you to see how long it takes you to do a specific task so you can plan accordingly. Entrepreneurs have a lot of different responsibilities so you might not know how long it takes you to do quarterly taxes as you do not do them often. Estimate these tasks and adjust goals accordingly as sometimes there is just not enough hours in the work day.

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