How Your Business Can Become More Customer Friendly And Increase Customer Retention

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes but the most successful of these people concentrate on the customer’s experience with their company. Customer retention allows a small business to stabilize income monthly and keeps cash flow healthy. Having to sell to new customers constantly due to poor customer service can cripple a business’ growth. Customer service not only can help with customer retention but it can also help brand image. Customers flock to all kinds of platforms to voice complaints on the internet for all to see. The following are ways to become more customer friendly thus improving customer retention.

Monitor Social Media And Review Sites Closely

People that go on social media or review sites to praise or complain about an experience they have had just want to be heard. A person that had a poor experience could be given a discount if they return. Most of the time people just do not want to feel slighted after leaving a business of any kind. Respond to these comments in a friendly manner and do not engage in any name calling as people tend to be far ruder when online versus in person. Set alerts for the customer service team on these sites and platforms. Have staff let customer service know about specific situations as a tailored answer to a customer can make them feel valued that you know about how their experience with the business was.

Develop An Easy To Use App

Developing an easy to use app so a customer can login easily or order new products in a more efficient manner can be a game changer for a business. Banks have done this so people can easily look at balances instead of playing the “do I have enough money in my account for this” game. Monitoring the success of your app is important and ranking for certain keywords will take a bit of app store optimization. Seeing how your app ranks compared to other related apps can be done with the rank checker tool below. A keyword tool can allow you to figure out how to market and incorporate certain terms in the app description and app itself.

Long Term Customer Discounts

Customers that have been around for years getting a discount for a specific order can help increase customer loyalty. Most customers of a business just want to feel valued rather than just being a set revenue number to a company. This does not mean that all orders need to be discounted but a few orders a year could keep the client coming back for an even longer time. Signing clients like this to long  term deals can be a great thing to help with company growth as income is guaranteed. With this being said do not discount rates for difficult clients as they can eat into profit margins with unrealistic requests or  changing the scope of a project.

Keeping Your CRM Updated Constantly

One thing that can make clients frustrated is having to rehash problems that they have had in the past. This makes them feel like they are just another customer rather than a valued part of the business. Keeping the CRM as detailed as possible can allow for seamless transfer from one customer service agent to the next. Not updating this can make it nearly impossible for a customer to have a good experience with a new customer service rep. Personal details can also be quite important in making a client feel appreciated and valued.

Keep the customer coming back time after time by offering an unmatched experience with the business. Try the above tactics as high customer retention rates can turn a small business into a large corporation in a matter of years .


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