Computer Vision: Important Insights That Everyone Should Know

The artificial intelligence (AI) has many fields that are sophisticated but very functional in today’s world. Computer vision is one of its fields that focus on training networked computers on how to become effective in the visual world. Deep learning is heavily integrated into this concept to help computers to work with millions of labeled images and video footages.

The history of the computer vision concept dates back in the 50s where computer neural intelligence was used to categorize objects. However, only simple tasks passed this technology and more complicated ones had to be done manually.

In the 80s and 90s, the technology has matured and innovators came up with useful AI concepts that could recognize human face for security purposes and social platforms.

Fast forward to today, computer vision technology is an order of the day. Take social media platforms like Facebook, for instance. They use computer vision heavily to tag friends who appear in groups. Other apps and software are also using this technology to deliver results.

How Devices Use Computer Vision

Mobile devices like phones and tablets are now relying on computer vision for their functionality. According to data experts from Active Wizards, these devices are coming with AI baked cameras that use data in the background to recognize people, places and many other objects. It is possible to tell a location by just taking a photo or short footage of the surrounding.

Computers are helping people to achieve incredible results through various software. Whether you are using a laptop or desktop PC, the integrated camera ensures that conference calls are no longer the same. Surprisingly, your PC will welcome you by the name whenever you log in because it can recognize your face.

Security devices in door locks, vehicles, and vaults among many others now rely on computer vision to use successfully use bio-security. They will scan the person in front of them and give access depending on their rights. Similarly, employee management in companies can also clock in and out using such devices. All of them are linked with a central computer with a database that is fed with images. Neural technology is also integrated to give them the capability to recognize images.

Autonomous vehicles are about to flood the roads in the future. One of the major technologies they will use is the computer vision. It is expected to replace human eyes. The vehicles will make decisions on where and when to move depending on the images they see through the 360-degree cameras and the algorithms that are fed in them.

Computer Vision is Result Oriented

The main purpose of having computer vision is to increase efficiency and accuracy in various operations. Unlike a human who can make a wrong decision even with a clear visual ahead, computer vision does not make a wrong move unless the data is corrupted or not coded correctly. For instance, autonomous vehicles will reduce accidents with a big percentage because there will be no collisions.

With more use of computer vision along with IT Support, the world is expected to get better by the day. More sophisticated software and apps are expected to change the world into a better and more fun place.

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