Consumer Need Provides Direction: Developing Personalized Programs to Assist Your Clients

In the past a great product or service could be created and the old adage “build it and they will come” was reliable. The consumer is now as educated as ever as looking up reviews of products/services is as easy as swiping a few times on a smartphone. Personalization is now the name of the game with everything from shoes to gym bags being able to be customized with names as well as colors. These are not the only areas where the consumer is directing the services provided as there are many others. If you’re looking to grow your business, consider personalizing your services to cater to your clients’ unique needs. The following are some examples of programs that cater to the unique needs of their clients.


Personal assistant home healthcare is continuing to increase in demand. CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program does something special to cater to the consumer. The problem with home healthcare is that some people do not want a stranger to be caring for a family member or themselves on a daily basis. This program allows the family or the person needing care to choose a family member or friend to care for the person on a daily basis. Not only does this allow for family members to care for loved ones but it also reduces complaints to these healthcare companies. Being able to pick an aunt, brother, cousin, or close friend can make a world of difference in the care provided. This combined with the peace of mind of knowing the personal assistant makes this program second to none. As of now it is based in New York state with other states most likely following suit as the consumer has become king!

Influencer Marketing Platforms

The creation of a brand image and voice is something very sensitive as the wrong image can alienate an entire segment consumers. Influencer marketing platforms are made in the fashion so the customer knows who will be representing them. In the past the marketing teams at companies tried to pick who would work best for a specific campaign. Nobody knows a company’s brand like the company itself so allowing them to vet these influencers is paramount. They can also do some deep research as well as there have been many influencers and people in general that have posted offensive things on social media. This is the last thing that many people want to align with their brand but leaving it up to a marketing company can leave this as a possibility.

Home Renovation

Home renovation is completely consumer driven and directed due to the fact that there are a myriad of options to renovate. Years ago a person could have their floors done or windows done but a floating island in the kitchen could have been an impossibility. With the help of a contractor or home designer it is as easy as ever to customize a home to the owner’s liking. Technology has made this easy as it can sometimes be difficult to visualize a project after completion. In the past this could lead to disputes as the homeowner might have wanted something much different. Now those doing renovations can pick color, material, and even the size of tiles throughout a bathroom. The consumer truly is ruling in the home renovation industry.

The consumer will continue to become more and more educated as time goes on. Many people will start to see a shift into customizing services for individual customers on a more frequent basis when the trend continues.

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