Resources for Female Led Businesses

In 2018 do gender roles still play a crucial role for success in business in North America? Yes, they do. The female entrepreneur, although beginning to flourish and multiply as never before, is still looking at a long set of hurdles that her male counterpart will probably not have to worry about very much. The resources for women entrepreneurs are still meager at times, and obtaining decent working capital is still a major challenge. But the good news for female business owners is that the support systems for women are out there — they are just a bit harder to locate than they should be.


Canada has some excellent resource groups for women entrepreneurs. Some of them are quite large and have a wealth of experience in the business world that they are more than willing to share with the fledgling business woman. They stand ready, willing, and able, to empower, educate, and bring strong support to women at the beginning of their business careers. Their websites have up to the minute content that is both relevant and clear when it comes to important aspects of business such as finance and accounting. They also offer a plethora of sound advice on such things as how to market effectively and how to manage time so that family and lifestyle don’t suffer from too much time being eaten up by business.


The Canadian government itself is aware of many of the challenges that women entrepreneurs still face, and has put together a fantastic range of online resources and tips, as well.


.The statistics tell the real story behind gender differences in the Canadian business world:  Nearly fifty percent of Canadian business owners today are women — they contribute over 148 billion dollars to the economy each year, yet they are receiving less than sixteen percent of available venture capital financing. And to add insult to injury, it seems that studies show that when are in a business leadership role  they outperform male leadership by around fifteen percent.

Startup Canada has become one of the most respected funding and resource groups for Canadian women entrepreneurs. Their Women Founder Fund has set aside seed capital specifically for women who are running their own startups and want to find both guidance and funding for their projects. The Fund is especially interested in seeking out and partnering with the Indigenous peoples of Canada — such as Tlingit, Inuit, Dene, and the Nakoda. Applications for funding from Women Founder Fund are dispersed on a yearly timetable, so interested female business owners should contact the Canadian government asap for deadline information and application forms.

It should be noted that timing and startup dates are extremely important for the Canadian woman entrepreneur who is seeking funding and/or input from either the private sector of the government sector. Right now, most Canadian funding is structured to kick in for businesses that have been up and running for at least six months. Female owned businesses that have less than six months under their belt should contact Canada’s Business Development Bank for their starter kits and mentoring programs for the brand new business woman.


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