6 Unique Ways to Make Yourself a Better Boss

Leading a company is about a lot more than just growing and keeping profits up. You’re the leader of your staff as well, and a company is only as strong as its employees. If you want to hire and retain a reliable team, it’s up to you. 

Half of all employees who leave a job are leaving more because of their boss than because of the job itself. You and your leadership are what makes a job worthwhile and rewarding, or frustrating and painful. Here are several things to consider if you want to improve your management style and take better care of your valued staff. 

Lead by Action

As the leader, you need to show your staff what’s important by modeling it yourself. Don’t say one thing and then do another. “You can’t expect your employees to be driven and efficient if they see you slacking off or cutting corners,” says a representative from Alcolock. “Put your priorities in action and lead by example.”

Share Responsibility for Decisions

If a decision is going to affect everyone in the office, ask everyone to be a part of the process. You want your staff to feel invested in the business. These decisions should matter to them, so give them a voice. Involving more people will also help you make better choices in the end as well. Don’t assume that you know what will improve the office or increase productivity unless you ask staff what they think about it first. 

Show Trust 

Dedicated employees don’t like bosses that hover over them and try to micromanage every small project and decision because it takes away their independence and slows down productivity. If you believe in your staff, you should trust them enough to back off and let them work without constant interruption or control. 

Set Standards and Objectives

On the other hand, working with a boss who never speaks can be equally stressful for employees. You need to be vocal and clear about the standards of work you have for the staff and about your objectives for them and the business. They need to know what you want from them and what their goals are. Give proper feedback and acknowledge the work your employees do in service of those standards and goals. 

Invest in Their Growth

You want to keep turnover low and retain the talent and experience you develop over time among your employees. Show your employees you value them and want to keep them around by investing in their expertise. Help them pursue training and education, give them new, challenging opportunities, and provide space for advancement when you can. 

Listen and Communicate Effectively 

Communication is critical, and your priority should always be to listen. Give your staff time to speak to you and take what they say seriously. Your business will be stronger, and you’ll be able to manage them more effectively. Before they’re willing to speak openly, you may have to work to cultivate an office culture where people aren’t afraid to tell you what they think. 

It takes hard work, but if you want to have the best employees in your business, this is what it takes. Be the reason your staff stay and grow your business instead of looking for better opportunities elsewhere. 

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