What Is a Mortgage Fund and Why You Should Care

A mortgage investment fund involves pooling your money, after which it is lent out to borrowers who want to secure loans against property. These loans are mortgages, like the kind that trading banks offer. When the loan repayments are made, the investors get some of that money in the form of regular income distributions. We’re going to briefly go over some of the benefits of investing in a mortgage fund, so you can see just how great of an investment opportunity this is.

Benefits of a Mortgage Fund

A mortgage investment fund can be a very profitable, secure, and stable way of making a decent income. By investing in this type of fund, you enjoy the benefit of receiving a regular payment that is a distribution. Thanks to the interest paid by borrowers, you receive a steady stream of income.Mortgage investment funds have been increasing in popularity as a reliable investment. In fact, New Zealanders taking advantage of this opportunity have sometimes even seen 200% returns on the prior year. That is a massive yield that cements it as a worthwhile investment option to consider.There are two kinds of mortgage investment funds: pooled and contributory. When you are part of a pooled fund mortgage investment fund, you will see your money pooled with many other investors. That money will finance a portfolio of loans. You will receive the income that gets generated by the pool as a whole in a proportional way. When you join a contributory mortgage investment fund, you get to choose which loan to invest your money in. After that, your investment gets combined with those of other investors to be lent out to a borrower. Every loan will have its own rate of return, which can make it a riskier, yet more profitable, investment.

Get Help With Investing in a Mortgage Investment Fund

Norfolk Mortgage Trust specializes in mortgage funds. We can assist you in making a smart, safe, and flexible investment that provides you with consistent monthly distributions. There are no entry or exit sees for these property-backed mortgages you will invest in. Contact us today to learn more about this profitable investment opportunity.

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