The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

These days, an increasing number of people are working from home. While some have begun doing this as a necessity, others have done so for other reasons. Flexible remote working arrangements have become incredibly popular. However, as with everything, there are pros and cons of working from home.

Pros of Working from Home

Here are the pros of working from home:

  • Employers Save Money

Global Workplace Analytics found that the average business offering work-from-home opportunities saves over $10,000 annually on workplace-related expenses. That’s a significant amount of money they can hold onto. Considering that most employees are in the office for just a portion of the day, there is a large amount of time being paid for that is not being utilized. Today’s IT solutions allow for working from home to be just as efficient, or even more, than working in an office.

  • Increased Worker Productivity

There have been numerous studies which have found that working from home is actually more productive. Not only that, but people who got to work remotely were half as likely to go looking for a new job.

  • Less Stress

One other major benefit of working from home is enjoying a reduced level of stress. There are no more hectic commutes to and from the office that take up more time and fray nerves. This makes a tremendous difference in how much sleep someone gets, which then translates into making better decisions while working.

Cons of Working from Home

Now that you’re familiar with the beneficial pros of working from home, here are some cons to consider as well.

  • Not as Easy to Collaborate

Even though we have novel IT solutions for remote working and online collaboration tools, sometimes remote collaboration falls short of the face-to-face kind. While technology is rapidly advancing to the point where face-to-face collaboration may no longer have a leg up on the remote kind, it still slightly beats out going virtual.

  • Less Social Interaction

Working from home means people don’t get to interact with their co-workers and partners face-to-face anymore. This can lead to weaker company culture and may also lead to managers passing over remote workers when the time comes to give out promotions and award special projects.

The Verdict

Even though there are some disadvantages to working from home, the pros outweigh the cons. IT solutions that exist today can help you avoid the downsides of remote working as much as possible, making this a very appealing choice, especially today.

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