One of the most important parts of the human body is the spine: it supports the body structure, helps with locomotion and fulfills other functions of great value. However, the number of people who suffer chronic pain in the region due to posture deviation is increasing.

This occurs due to several factors, such as spending long periods sitting incorrectly, a common situation in work environments , for example. In certain cases, the person has the disease since childhood, and it may worsen in adulthood if they do not seek treatment body tape etam quickly.

It is noteworthy that hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis and scoliosis are the main problems of  posture deviations . In that sense, there are some exercises capable of helping to relieve the discomfort. Want to know what they are? Continue reading the post and find out, as we have listed five of them!

1. Holistic gymnastics

Holistic gymnastics consists of a very efficient method in the treatment of hyperkyphosis, a curvature of the spine that projects the shoulders forward.

This activity combines several low-impact movements, performed according to the physical condition of each individual. In addition, practice is excellent for working balance, musculature and breathing.

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2. Chest stretch

Chest stretches are recommended activities to treat hyperkyphosis, as they help maintain correct shoulder posture. Some examples:

  • keep your arms straight back as much as you can;
  • standing facing the corner of a wall, with arms outstretched, making forward motions;
  • remain, for a few seconds, with your elbows bent back.

3. Strengthening the core

Strengthening the core is an important practice to correct hyperlordosis, a pronounced curvature of the spinal column. Formed by the abdominal, lumbar, hip and pelvis muscles, he is responsible for keeping the body in balance.

With the training of the central part of the body, the shortening of the upper and lower limbs is avoided, preventing the emergence of posture deviation. Some exercises that help in strengthening are the bridge, the board and the hyperextension, for example.

4. Stretching the lower back

As seen above, exercising the lower back is vital to prevent the onset of hyperlordosis. In this sense, we list stretches with this objective:

  • lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest;
  • start in an upright position and then bend the body forward and backward;
  • stay on all fours, arch your spine while inhaling and slowly return to the starting position when exhaling.

5. Strengthening the concave side and stretching the convex part

For the treatment of scoliosis, a deviation that causes one or more curves in the spine, it is essential to do exercises that take care of the concave and convex parts at the same time. After all, the process requires symmetry to avoid further future losses.

Some common activities for this purpose are swimming, hydrogymnastics and light weight training, when accompanied by a good professional. It is worth remembering that high-impact activities are not recommended to cure severe scoliosis.

To achieve an effective result, it is essential to hire a good physiotherapy clinic, considering the problems presented. Never trust your quality of life to an inexperienced professional in the matter!

Want to understand more about the methods to correct posture deviation and get rid of these nuisances? Then  get in touch with us ! It will be a pleasure to help you.

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