SEO Tips for E-Commerce Companies- Expert Plans by Agam Berry

About Agam Berry

Agam Berry is a well-known and successful entrepreneur and an online business consultant. He is a co-owner and CEO of Quantified Commerce, a firm that applies modification and data to deliver online promotion objectives. Mr. Berry has been a powerhouse and a mentor to many startups and online business and has been a successful digital entrepreneur since the late 2010s when he ventured into the online marketing industry.

Advocacy and Support for E-commerce

Mr. Agam Berry is continuing his successful career providing business consultancy services and building online brands. Being a digital expert, Mr. Berry has a keen interest in creating digital brands and utilization of e-commerce platforms. He remains a strong advocate of e-commerce principles and sees SEO as one of the critical strategies that can help the e-commerce business to thrive and turn it into a successful enterprise. Agam sees unlimited potential in e-commerce channel with millions and millions of people accessing the platform daily looking for services and products. At the core of this thriving business, Berry advocates a solid foundation of SEO strategies to market and promote the business.

Agam Berry, SEO Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Focus on Keywords

Mr. Berry advocates using the right keywords as the keywords play a significant role when it comes to ranking the website. Most startups make the costly mistake of not paying more attention towards the selection of keyword, using generic and irrelevant terms and that will cost them in the ranking. Mr. Berry urges the companies to sit down with a strong strategy to adequately research the keywords and analyze the strength of each keyword and how it will help market the business. When the e-commerce business uses the right keywords, they can expect to get fast indexing and good rankings for appropriate keywords.

Build a Proper Site Hierarchical Composition

You need to have a proper conversion funnel to compliment your SEO efforts and utilize the traffic you generate for the business. A hierarchical composition is the layout of the website, and it should be an easy and user-friendly composition, so the users can easily and quickly get to your services and proposals. A great hierarchical structure is one that comes in three levels, where each level a categorize the product, services and benefits. With proper SEO implementation and a solid hierarchical structure, the e-commerce website will attract and engage more traffic.

Focus on Keyword Density and Have an SEO Checklist

For the page content, the keyword density may not exceed 6%. The keywords used in the keyword tag also need to be added in the on-page content. Using the keyword in H1, H2 and H3 headings has confirmed to be useful for ranking high in the search results. A helpful SEO checklist includes white hat methods as defined by search engines. Dozens of ways create a powerful optimizer’s list.

Work on the Site Speed

The SEO strategy, even when it is delivering results, will be of no use if your web platform takes too much time to load. On average, around 30% to 40% of online buyers leave websites that take more than a few seconds to load. As a business, you cannot afford to see your SEO efforts go to waste with a slow loading site. You can do several things to make sure the website does not go in lag, such as compressing images, using the content delivery network, and timely optimization of the cache to decrease the load time.

Mr. Berry believes that SEO is an ongoing process that needs constant check and updates to keep the e-commerce companies on top of their game and to retain and bring in new business. Ranking the website remains the top concern for all e-commerce business and Agam advocates using SEO to reach the top.

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