Most Effective Marketing Acquisition Channels

As a marketer, you obviously want to use acquisition channels that guarantee a return on investment. The conventional ways of marketing products, services, and brands make use of direct and indirect methods of reaching targeted customers. As straightforward as they may sound, the business and marketing landscape has changed remarkably in recent years. Therefore, traditional market acquisition strategies may not help your reach out to targeted clients in an effective manner.

You should define your brand’s goals for utilizing these digital marketing channels. Since most of the market acquisition channels require you to pay service providers, you must come up with a budget for pursuing the campaign. You will also be reaching out to targeted clients and therefore, undertake market research to determine which content is appropriate for certain audiences and market niches. Here as some of the most effective marketing acquisition channels, which you should try out.

Email Marketing

Part of your lead acquisition and marketing strategies may entail collecting the contact information of prospective clients including email addresses and phone numbers. You should also seek permission to send prospects updates and any other information that they might find relevant. Email marketing is an effective market acquisition channel, which can help you reach many prospective clients at a go.

Email marketing can give your business an incredible ROI of up to 4,000%. Businesses that have in-house digital marketers and use email marketing attest to the fact that emails are excellent as far as delivering ROI is concerned. Examples of emails that you can send to prospective clients include emails for conversion, brand building, and newsletters containing industry-related information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every Internet user utilizes search engines when looking for anything online. Research indicates that more than 90% of all online experiences start with the use of search engines. Typically, people use search engines when looking for information about brands, products, or services.

Up to 59% of search engine users find local businesses that satisfy particular needs. Search engine optimization is an effective market acquisition channel. By using SEO strategies such as the use of optimized keyword and off and on-page optimization, you will ensure that your business emerges among top results whenever Internet users search for keywords that are related to what you do. This will ultimately drive traffic to your website. Additionally, there are excellent free SEO tools available that really make SEO accessible to even company’s with small budgets.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

This marketing acquisition strategy can go a long way in delivering targeted traffic and potential customers within a short period. When you choose this market acquisition method, ads will be sent to targeted Internet users based on their browsing history. PPC is effective in the sense that you will only pay when clients click on your ads. The method is highly determined by your willingness to invest in bidding and ad placements. Nevertheless, it is highly effective since it only targets clients who might be interested in your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing platforms owing to the fact that it has billions of active users. Likewise, social media can be a useful marketing acquisition channel since you can leverage on it to create an enviable brand name for your services and products. By incorporating social media as a market acquisition channel, it will be easy for you to reach out to targeted prospective customers through direct, person-to-person engagement.

The number of active social media users continues to swell every day. Similarly, the number of social media platforms is likely to keep increasingly. What makes social media an appealing market acquisition tool is the fact that you can customize your pages to reflect your brand and what you do. It is recommended that marketers select social media networks that are most appropriate to the kind of businesses that they promote. Here’s how you can use some of the most notable social networks as an effective market acquisition channel.

  • Facebook. Arguably, this is the most widely used social media network. What makes Facebook appealing to marketers is that they can use it to reach to the general consumer market. To use Facebook as a marketing acquisition channel, you simply need to find out the pages or groups that your targeted customers frequent. Thereafter, you can use this insight to reach out to them via these pages or groups.
  • Twitter. This social network is recommended for use by marketers who are trying to develop a new business, and wish to reach out to quick adopters. Twitter also offers you a platform to generate brand awareness within a short time.
  • Linked In. If your targeted clients are the professional type, there is no better way of reaching out to them than using LinkedIn. This platform can help you network with business owners, professionals and similar businesses through the generation of Business-to-Business (B2B) links. With LinkedIn, it is also easy for you to acquire marketing channels by reaching out to potential clients and partners based on their professional affiliations.
  • Pinterest. This is a great marketing acquisition tool especially if you are using visuals to promote your brand and products. Generally, a majority of Pinterest users are women. Having a presence on the network is a convenient way of reaching them.

Content Marketing

It goes without saying that content forms the core of every marketing acquisition campaign. It is a desirable thing to have a good website and social media pages. Nevertheless, one thing that will channel traffic to your website as well as convert site visitors into paying customers is having high quality and relevant content on your pages. Great content will keep website visitors glued to your pages since they will want to know more about your brand and whatever products and services that you offer.


The aforementioned marketing acquisition channels can help you build an enviable business brand within a short time. You can use them autonomously or as a component of an overarching digital marketing campaign. Nevertheless, there are key considerations that you must keep in mind before incorporating these market acquisition channels in your digital campaign.

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