Networking: A Critical Business Practice For Realtors

Networking is a core strategy for finding clients in real estate. It helps you generate leads and gives you more opportunities to build your business strategically. Yet some realtors struggle with networking. They know they need to attend events to engage with people but don’t know how to convert the people they interact with to become their number one fans. 

Chris D. Bentley is an Award-winning Dallas Real Estate Broker who successfully managed to use networking to build his business strategically. He is recognized as Dallas’ most aggressive realtor in the making. We had a chat with him to uncover why networking is a critical business for realtors. 

Networking: A critical business practice for Realtors 

Networking is critical in real estate as it allows you to generate leads and achieve sales success. Having an effective network will help you avoid merely getting by, as you’ll always have an opportunity to make sales. 

Chris points out that networking gives you a chance to exchange ideas and connections that will help expose your brand to others. When you interact with others, you engage in word-of-mouth marketing which is critical for business success. 

Most marketers believe that word of mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. People talk every day. When you attend an event, your face and the words from your mouth are your brands. So when someone sees you, they immediately know what you do and how well you do it by networking with others. 

Extreme networking 

Chris advocates for extreme networking. What this means is leveraging every opportunity as a networking opportunity. It may entail helping the upcoming entrepreneur in the areas they’re struggling with, participating in events that help the community, and being friendly to the ordinary person who needs your assistance when you walk by on the street. You never know where your next referral will come from. 

Real estate is a field that requires you to be a people person. Therefore, you have to put yourself out there. When people go out on weekends or spend their leisure time in the afternoons, a real estate agent is outside looking at open houses or showing clients a new house. There’s no rest for an agent. But Chris states that you can take advantage of working on weekends by sharing videos of the open houses. 

Networking online 

Videos are leading content online, with a growing number of people consuming video content on social media. Bearing in mind that your target clients are on social media, you can network with them by sharing videos of the great houses available. You can say something like, “Hey, I’m at an open house, or Hey, look at my new listing.” Over time such content will help you grow your reach organically. 

People respect the hassle and the journey of an entrepreneur starting from scratch. As such, you can use social media as a platform to share your journey. 

You can network with other agents on social media. You can join local groups, e.g., your local realtor group, on LinkedIn or Facebook. Such groups will help you connect with other agents in your location. They give you exposure and connect you with people who can help you grow your business. 

Another strategy for networking on social media involves sharing information freely. You can share relevant and helpful information with other agents or entrepreneurs in the niche. Sharing valuable information is an excellent way to build your authority as an industry expert. It also lets potential clients know that you are knowledgeable about your field. 

Networking As A Real Estate Agent

Are you struggling to build your web of networks as a real estate agent? The first thing you ought to do is maintain an active online presence. Communicate your knowledge and expertise, interact with others, and promote your properties. You can make an effort to be active on multiple channels to increase your opportunity to connect to other professionals, leads, and clients. 

Secondly, learn to be a good listener and actively engage and involve yourself with your local community. It would also help if you started attending networking conferences and events. 

Additionally, Always remember to follow up on prospective contacts. A regular follow-up always gives customers a chance to be heard and engage effectively. Follow-ups can be a wonderful source to ask customers, “what they want/expect next.” Customers usually want a medium to get in touch with the company. Therefore the follow up systems enhance this communication.

To Conclude 

Networking is a critical business practice for realtors. Done right, this tool can help you generate leads and achieve sales success. You’ll successfully transition your business from the struggling phase to one that’s constantly making sales. 

Therefore as a real estate agent, don’t be afraid of networking. Instead, let it be your number one priority. Leveraging on extreme networking can go a long way in sustainably defining your real estate business.

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