How to Have More Fun in Life

With all of the expectations it seems we have in this day and age, it can be easy to lose track of the adventure that life can hold. Between work responsibilities, keeping up with housework, taking care of kids (or adults or pets), getting enough sleep – the list goes on and on – it can sometimes feel like you’re in a cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat that you can’t break free from. If this is a feeling you’ve had, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way! Read on for some tips to break free of the dull cycle and add some spice to your life. 

Make an effort to make plans – don’t wait around on other people

I know, I know – I’m exhausted after work too. And yes, the time you have after work is already committed to the other responsibilities you have after work (read on for a tip about this). BUT… you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t need to make a change. What will really happen if those dishes don’t get done tonight? What will happen if you get one less hour of sleep? Life is too short to live a miserable life for the sake of a perfectly clean house at all times. That being said, don’t wait around for people to contact you with plans. Everyone is busy! Be the person who brings a bit of spice to everyone’s life, even if that just means a casual dinner or a drink after work. For bonus excitement, switch up the person you make plans with!

Have your favorite food or drink just because

Did you know that you can buy a whole cookie cake from the grocery store and eat it all yourself? Ah, the joys of being an adult. Sure, it might not be the healthiest, but you won’t die from eating a cookie cake every once in a while. This holds true for any favorite food or drink: enjoy margaritas? You don’t have to wait until you’re out to eat or have friends over! Make yourself that strawberry margarita at home. Even better if you have some friends over to enjoy it with you. While I don’t condone emotional eating and drinking, indulging in a favorite every once in a while just because you enjoy it won’t hurt you, and can bring some joy to an otherwise average day. 

Find a hobby/get better at something – can open up a whole new life adventure

One of the best ways to bring some excitement into your life is to add something new to it. Adding a new hobby can not only be exciting, but it can also be rewarding and fun. Think about if there is something you have always wanted to learn or do. Play piano? Go rock climbing? You would be surprised by how many free or low-cost options are out there to help you learn a new skill! Once you decide what hobby you’d like to pick up, do some research to find out where you can learn the skill or get the required resources. Spending time on your hobby each day can be a great way to keep things exciting as you get better and more involved in your new skill. Most hobbies even have meetup groups where people who also enjoy that hobby all get together and do it together! If that is something you’re interested in, do some research for your specific area. 

Assess what is making you feel bored. Is it your job? Find a new job

This might seem obvious, but a surprising number of people think that doing the same thing everyday and living a boring life is just reality. I have some news for you – it’s not! Think hard about what exactly makes you feel bored. Is it that you’re not fulfilled at work? Look into switching jobs or careers. The effort it takes to make the switch might even give you that boost of excitement and hopefulness you’ve been missing. Does doing the same thing everyday when you get home from work drive you mad? Switch up your evening routine! You don’t have to stay home every night! Think really hard about what exactly you dislike, then make changes to improve your quality of life. After all, life is too short to be unhappy!

Hire professionals to make more time for fun

One final tip that can make a huge difference for most people is to give yourself more time to bring some excitement into your life. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that people don’t have enough time to engage in activities they enjoy. So, make time! If household chores are holding you back, hire a housekeeper or moving company to take care of these tasks for you. A great company to look into is Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. They are long distance movers Worcester MA, and they have so much experience, great reviews, and a killer can-do attitude. If you are looking for a company to help you with a move (without the stress!), you’ve found THE one. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can be there for your every need.

If spending time with your kids is holding you back, bring your kids with you on new adventures! Not only will it add excitement, but they will love it too.

You don’t have to deal with a boring life. Making the right changes can open a whole new window of adventure.

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