Lessons That Freelancers Will Learn During Their First Year Working For Themselves

The ability to work for yourself has become easier than ever before with the freelance economy thriving. The appeal for many people looking into freelancing full-time is the freedom creating your own schedule. Combine this with the fact that freelancers can work from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection offers a freedom that is unrivaled in the professional world. Certain lessons can only be learned through experience when freelancing whether it is a positive or negative lesson. The following are things that you will learn during the first year freelancing full-time.

People Will Not Respect Your Work Hours Unless You Make Them

The most difficult part for many freelancers is that of being distracted to the point of it hurting production. When freelancing you are only going to be paid for work that you have completed so this can directly cripple monthly income. Set certain hours where family cannot call or visit as well as kids have to stay out of your office. This is the way it would be in a regular office so just ask for the same type of respect. Once this has been established you might find that you finish your work much more quickly and it actually leaves more time to spend with the family.

Clients Are Willing To Pay More To A Freelancer After Multiple Projects Completed

One tough part about being a freelancer is working with a client long term then having to ask for a raise. The rate you charged in the beginning of the relationship could have been for introductory projects. Most clients are willing to pay a bit more for a freelancer that provides quality work and always hits a deadline. For those freelancers that feel uncomfortable asking this should be a discussion early in the business relationship. Clients understand that freelancers need to make a living so many of them will not continually haggle on prices.

Collecting Payment Can Be A Nightmare

Freelancer platforms mentioned below protect both the client and freelancer making sure transactions are being completed successfully. Collecting payment from other companies can lead you on a wild goose chase. Certain content production companies will delay payment until their clients have paid which is not good business. Find a freelancer agreement and specify terms when working outside of a freelancer platform. This will give you legal recourse if a client thinks that you will just drop it as a small amount of money is not worth going to court.

Try Multiple Freelancer Platforms and Apply To Companies Looking For Contract Help

There are various freelancer platforms with some targeting designers while others target writers. Try out a few different platforms as you might find that certain types of clients are more prevalent on one platform versus another. Content creation companies can also be a great place to find work for both writers and designers. Apply to every platform possible and do not fill out your profile with the minimum information. If possible showcase previous work so a company can see the quality of work that you do consistently.

Freelancing will continue to boom so if considering this path you need to find out what skills or talents that you have that are marketable. Working for yourself will offer a freedom that can seemingly melt stress away! Freelancing for supplemental income can also be a great way to try out the lifestyle before making the big leap.

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