Promote Your Personal Brand Using These Platforms

The internet gives anyone looking to promote his or her personal brand a great platform to reach any target audience desired. When you are able to laser target the right audience, you start to become the expert within your niche.

Your personal brand gives you massive leverage that you can use to promote your business, drive sales, and scale growth. It’s very powerful when built and amplified correctly. Once you have a solid personal brand established, use the following tips to help reach more people. They can all be done with little to no cost, aside from your time.


Consumers love video content because it’s so easy to consume and takes very little effort. Because of this, webinars are a great way to deliver a message or pitch to your audience. The top webinar tools also give you access to analytics and data that allows you to see when specific actions were taken or when you lost the attention of your audience.

One of the most convenient things about using webinars is that you are able to create one webinar and it becomes an evergreen piece of content that you can continue to push traffic to, and something that can work 24/7 to promote your personal brand and message. Spend time and make one outstanding webinar and test it until you have the conversion rate optimized fully and then begin to scale traffic to it.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is the largest social media network and almost everyone you could possibly want to connect with is there, so taking the time to build a Facebook group built around your specific niche and specialty is time well spent.

To get started, create a group and invite your connections to join that you already engage with. This could be your email list, other social media networks or even your LinkedIn connections. The goal is to create a group with valuable information that people will want to visit often. For this reason, you are better off creating a private group and screening members before allowing them to join. If you let in low quality members or spammers it will push quality members away.

Once you have your group built up, you can then have discussions, Q&A sessions and even share other forms of content within the group. You want to tread lightly when it comes to promotions, because if your group members feel like you are constantly pitching them they will have no reason to stick around.


Quora is self-described as, “A place to share knowledge and better understand the world.” It’s a Q&A website in which users can post questions and reply to existing questions. It creates a lot of content, and since it’s a high domain authority website, its results are often at the top of Google search results.

If you reverse engineer your target audience, you can type in questions that they would more than likely ask before coming into contact with you and the solution to a problem you solve. When you find these question, reply with a well-thought-out response. You can even put in links to your social media profiles or website, driving interested readers to seek you out if they feel you provided value.


Video is so popular now, and YouTube gives you the ability to upload content and create a video channel that houses all of the content and allows viewers to subscribe to your video channel. This is just another platform that you can build an audience on, and when they subscribe to your notifications, they are alerted every time you upload new content.

You can do simple Q&A videos, or even more in-depth lessons covering any topic you want. The great thing about YouTube is that it’s the second largest search engine, behind only Google, so there is an opportunity to attract a lot of traffic if you optimize your videos along with creating great content.

The key is to be consistent and don’t worry if your subscriber and view numbers aren’t skyrocketing. This is a long-term play, so be prepared to invest time into this before expecting a large-scale payoff. Take advantage of the description area for each video, as you can include links and calls-to-action, pushing traffic anywhere you desire.

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