How To Run An Effective Content Marketing Campaign For The Health and Wellness Niche

There are billions of dollars to be made in the health and wellness niche. This could be due to the fact that a lot of people do not want to change their lifestyle but rather would love to have a remedy that allows them to eat as they please. Most people just want to be as healthy as they can as we only are given one body in this life. Running a content marketing campaign for this niche can be extremely difficult as the consumer is swamped with a variety of products or dietary plans that promise the world. The following are a few tips to help stand out and run an effective content marketing campaign for the health and wellness industry.

Find An Influencer That Matches The Company Brand Image

Finding the right influencer to help in the content marketing effort can be difficult but it is well worth it. You do not want to use an influencer that has built their following on selling snake oil type supplements and giving poor advice. Rather you want an influencer that has earned the trust of their followers so each post that includes a product or program will convert in a much better way. With this being said, the influencers that have this type of integrity will not endorse your product if it is not high quality enough so this is something to keep in mind.

For Less Flattering Subject, Try To Educate The Consumer

Not all health and wellness subjects are going to be about washboard abs and bulging muscles. Educating people about subjects of health issues whether it is acne or hemorrhoid pictures it is important to educate the visitor of the site. The visitor of the site picked a specific article or section of the site to learn about it so you should teach them. Those who do not want to read this content or see these pictures can avoid this section of the site quite easily.

Start Some Kind of 30 Day Challenge

People love transformations in this niche and 30 day challenges whether it is to eat clean or do a certain number of squats per day can start a buzz. Having those people participating in these types of challenges share the issues or struggles they have can build a community. Crossfit did a great job at building a sense of community early in its life now that is a staple of these gyms.

Try Different Types of Content

The health and wellness niche relies heavily on pictures as before and after photos have been a staple of this niche for decades. There are those people that want heavy data analysis on whether supplement works or dietary program provides results. In these types of data driven content an infographic can help make otherwise boring data to some as interesting as possible. Written content of course will make up a decent amount of the campaign but it is important not to waste budget on mediocre content as this simply will not convert.

Standing out in the health and wellness niche is going to take hard work with quality content. Do not blend in with your competition as this will not maximize conversions.

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