Equitable Marketing Shares Top 2022 Marketing Trend Predictions

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The way companies market is always changing, thanks to how reliant marketing is on technology. With new breakthroughs in tech, come new breakthroughs in marketing. Figuring out things like the Google Analytics goals function is a great example of a tool that can make hitting goals as convenient as ever.

This relationship is why digital marketing has had such a boom in the digital age. 2022 will be no different, with more companies talking about blockchain and the Metaverse.

The question becomes which of these technologies are going to last, and which are going to fizzle out. We talked to Equitable Marketing in order to get their opinion about which marketing techniques will be prevalent in 2022 and which ones are likely to fall to the wayside.

Equitable Marketing Shares Top 2022 Marketing Trend Predictions

Equitable Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with industry leaders like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to marketing, and they agreed to do an interview with us about 2022 marketing predictions, and now we’re going to share that interview with you. 

Facebook has ranted on and on about the Metaverse, do you think companies should start jumping in and placing their bets in that field? 

We believe that it is far too early to tell how the Metaverse will play out. We think that there is a lot of potential there, and would go as far as to say that one day the Metaverse will prevail.

However, is 2022 the year for the Metaverse? We’re not so confident that it is. We’re going to watch big players, like Nike and gauge their success before we really decide whether or not the Metaverse is worth investing in yet, marketing-wise. 

How will companies be able to stand out in 2022? There is a lot of competition right? 

Yeah, there is more competition than ever, thanks to the pandemic. Many people started their own dropshipping businesses, just selling simple products online.

It’s difficult to stand out in such an oversaturated crowd. We believe that excellent customer service, a great product, and fantastic branding are all necessary. An online personality that customers love will drive business more than ever. 

How can businesses create this personality? One that customers will love?

Well, get active on social media and in the community. Figure out your target audience, with the help of analytics, and go where your audience goes.

Social media is going to continue to be a vital tool in the belts of companies, maybe even the most important one. Companies that engage with users on social media sites like Twitter, or even Discord are going to be favorites and really stand out to customers. 

So the social media trend will continue, but what about this trend of influencers? Will businesses continue to work with influencers or do you believe this practice will die out?

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere and it’s probably going to become even more popular. Smaller influencers are going to start getting more sponsorships because they will reach more niche audiences than very popular ones.

It’s really a win-win situation for businesses and influencers alike. We think the practice will grow in popularity, and that it will become more structured in general. 

You mentioned target audience and analytics. So you think that these will still play a role in 2022? Are these technologies getting more advanced?

Analytics are never going to go away. We can that say for certain.

We can also say that they will get more advanced every single year, for the foreseeable future. Artificial intelligence is one of the main factors in analytic advancements and we expect to see more AI utilization in digital marketing come 2022.

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