7 Foolproof Steps to Creating Great Content

Writing great content is crucial to establishing and maintaining a good following and customer base. Not only does it help to get and sustain customers, but good content also helps boost a site’s search engine ranking on search engines like Google.

Be sure to generate and publish great content by following these seven foolproof steps.

Publish Original Content Only

No one likes a copycat, and Google has cracked down on sites that copy content and republish it. According to Jason Chalik, partner at Chalik and Chalik Personal Injury Lawyers, “Not only is the practice of republishing content now pointless in helping search engine ratings, but it is unprofessional. It is best to stick to original content that your customer base wants to read.”

Show Customers How to Utilize Content

Your readers don’t want to be told what to do, nor do they want to be lied to about the hundred ways your product is better than the local competition. Instead, focus on topics your customers will enjoy without hammering them over the head with advertising jabs. Give them practical ways in which to use the information, and they will keep coming back for more.

Give Answers

Most people turn to online search engines, blog posts, or websites for answers. Why not give them what they are looking for? suggests that content writers be sure that your content answers a question (or questions) in a way that the customer can understand. And be sure to do it quickly- no one will stick around to hear the answer if you beat around the bush too long.

Keep it Brief

When people are reading online content, they aren’t looking for a book. Otherwise, they would be on their Kindle or in the library. Keep content brief and to the point. If you have a topic you want to address that requires a lengthy explanation, consider breaking it up into parts or a series so that readers can choose just one part or the whole thing.

Add Visual Appeal

Graphic art or media are just as important as content. A customer may overlook a great informative article merely because they thought it looked boring. Be sure to add visual interest in whatever way suits your style the best.

Keep Everything Updated

Nothing is more of a turn-off to customers and potential customers like an outdated website or blog. Be sure that you are adding new content and updating outdated information regularly. If your information isn’t reliable, customers are more likely to pass up information that would otherwise be invaluable.

Quality over Quantity

It is much more important to be sure you are providing quality content than it is how often or how much content you supply. Quality content communicates an air of professionalism and authority, while rushed, ill-combined or ill-advised content turns potential and current customers off of the business altogether.

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