Top 5 Cars With The Best Resale Value

car resale

Two things you should know before you buy an automobile: what the lemon law rights in San Francisco (or wherever you’re located) are, and how much you might be able to get when it comes time to resell that car down the road. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few rides with the best resale values, so you can better plan your eventual purchase.

What Makes Used Cars Valuable?

Before we get into our list, it might be helpful for you to understand what makes a used car valuable in the first place! Not every car is going to resell the same, and the reasons for this come down to a combination of factors. According to sources like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, used car value can vary based on the following:

  • Mileage—The more miles, the less you’re going to get when you resell your vehicle. That’s because increased mileage often means increased wear and tear on a vehicle’s internal components.
  • Condition—If you can keep your vehicle in good condition, you’ll get more when it comes time to resell it. As alluded to above, this is related to your vehicle mileage, and the lower you can keep your mileage, the less stressed your vehicle condition is likely to be.
  • Location—The region you live in might influence resale value, as different types of automobiles have different levels of utility depending on where you live.
  • Color—This is a minor factor, but common colors sell more quickly and for a higher price, generally, than exotic and adventurous ones.
  • Accidents—This goes back to the condition of the car, and if you’ve been in accidents with your vehicle—even if that damage has been repaired—there’s a perception that the car may have some underlying issues.
  • Options/Add-ons—These can either enhance or detract from the resale value of your vehicle. Some, like AC, power windows, and door locks, will hurt your resale value if they are not present on the vehicle because of their ubiquity.

And there are also a few things that you can do to a car that can affect its value when you go to sell it, such as personalizing it with special features. Oversized wheels, booming speakers, spoilers, and other aftermarket modifications are more likely to subtract value than add it, so you’ll want to be careful about doing any sort of “upgrades” to your ride if you plan on reselling.

The Top Cars For Resale

So, which vehicles bring together the most resale factors and will get you the bang for your buck? For 2022, has the following listed as their top picks:

  • Honda (Civic, Passport, Odyssey)
  • Hyundai (Accent, Kona, Kona EV)
  • Audi (A6 Allroad, Q3)
  • Kia (K5, Telluride)
  • Land Rover (Range Rover Velar, Discovery)
  • Mercedes-Benz (AMG GT, Metris)
  • Subaru (WRX, Forester)
  • Toyota (Tacoma, Tundra)

By sticking to these brands and these specific models, you’ll be putting yourself in a good position when it comes time for resale. Remember to keep that vehicle in pristine condition, and you should have yourself a nice chunk of change coming back when you sell your car to someone else in a few years’ time.

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