Women in Business: Eterneva’s Co-Founder and CEO Adelle Archer

Eterneva is an innovative, fast-growing company located in Austin, Texas, that specializes in honoring the lives of people and pets who have passed away by turning their ashes into precious diamonds. The company was established by Adelle Archer and her business partner Garrett Ozar after Archer’s close friend and mentor Tracey died from cancer. Archer wanted to have something that would remind her of Tracey, but more than just an urn filled with ashes. That is how Archer came up with an idea to create something special that would give people a better and nicer way to memorialize their loved ones. 

Adelle Archer’s Success Story

Archer is a young, educated, and goal-oriented woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Archer earned her MBA in entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business, which is considered one of the top programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. She graduated at the age of 23 as a valedictorian of her class. For the following four years, she worked as a product marketing leader in the technology industry and was responsible for launching major products and working with such companies as eBay, Amazon, Square, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

For the last four years, Archer has been the CEO of Eterneva, which she and Ozar established in 2016. As Archer points out, Eterneva is more than just a commercial and innovative project. It is a company with a mission to transform society’s attitude toward death and open the lines of communication around grief. She considers Eterneva more like a social company focused on people’s life stories, relationships, and feelings. Archer believes that the success of the company is based on its strong values and focus on the outstanding experience that it delivers to customers. 

Archer points out that one of the main keys to the success of her company is the establishment of a relationship with customers. She believes that customer feedback is a driving force for further business development, which makes it extremely important. Eterneva has set up a customer advisory board that runs everything before the company decides to launch anything. By working with customers, Archer always tries to figure out how best to position something and get their opinions on new ideas. In Archer’s eyes, customers are more than just people who buy products; they can also help the company prioritize, innovate, and keep growing.

Archer is passionate about what she does, which also helps her business flourish. She sees her company as more than just a part of the diamond industry. She is inspired and thrilled by every single story from her customers. As Archer says, behind every diamond, there is a unique and thrilling story about a remarkable person or pet. 

When talking about her business experiences and failures, Archer admits that she has made mistakes as an entrepreneur in the past. She was involved in toxic business relationships and made poor hiring decisions. However, as a true entrepreneur, she learned a lot from her mistakes. 

Archer is a great example of a goal-oriented and talented entrepreneur who is not afraid to try new things, is full of new ideas, and is willing to stretch beyond her comfort zone to reach new horizons. She is an inspiration for many women and founders of startups to think big and not to be afraid to be innovators in this ever-changing world. 

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