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A popular question among moms is, ‘how can a mom become an entrepreneur?’ The answer is that a mom can become an entrepreneur and make a great entrepreneur. There’s not much data to support this, as most surveys look at mothers’ challenges in business.

Moms struggle to balance their roles as caregivers and businesswomen. Although these struggles cannot be avoided, the fact is some mompreneurs have managed to create successful businesses.

Meet Rosa Rodriguez-A successful mompreneur

Rosa Rodriguez is a mompreneur in the field of business coaching and consulting. She’s been in the field for six years, helping women transition from 9 to 5 to entrepreneurship. Rosa, a mother of two, is familiar with the struggles of mompreneurship. She knows that a sense of security comes with a 9-5 job. Rosa says that when you ask a mom why they don’t want to build a business, they will give you objections such as I don’t have time, I’ll do it later when my kids are all grown, or I don’t have enough money.

Rosa learned from her own life experience that there are no excuses. Mompreneurship means greater financial freedom and more time with your kids.

According to Rosa, most people feel that being a mom gives them an unfair business advantage. However, since starting her coaching business, Rosa has been vocal about telling women that it’s the other way around. Being a mom gives you a fair advantage in business.

From 9-5 to a highly profitable business

Rosa’s coaching entails helping women shift from a 9-5 to a profitable online business. She helps mompreneurs who have a coaching business create a high-tier coaching business. “Most women, when starting a coaching business, do sessions like low-ticket, which takes too much time,” says Rosa. So what she does is that she helps the moms in entrepreneurship create a group coaching program that’s high-ticket.

Rosa’s coaching lasts for 6 months. During that time, she provides her clients with a training manual and even hires a video assistant to help them with their content. Rosa guides you through the steps of creating a premium offer that gets you, high-paying clients. Next, she guides you to automate your business systems so you can have more time for yourself and your family. Rosa also helps clients with business development and social media.

So far, Rosa has helped hundreds of women succeed in business. Women brave enough to cross the divide from employee to entrepreneur and say, “this is my time,” have reaped the rewards for working with Rosa. One of her clients managed to gain 15k followers in 30 days. Other clients have transitioned from charging clients $100-$200 to $5k-$10k.

A change of mind

When asked about the secret to success, Rosa said it all has to do with mindset. She had to coach her clients to let go of their limiting mindsets and start thinking in a way that would benefit them and others. With Rosa’s coaching, moms not only become entrepreneurs but manage to target top-tier clients so that they can earn more from their services and have more time for their families.

You can learn more about Rosa’s awesome work by checking her website. You can connect with her via social media as well.

  • Instagram i@iamrosarodriguez
  • TikTok @iam.rosarodriguez
  • Twitter is @iamcoachrosa
  • Youtube and Facebook – Rosa Rodriguez

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