LinkedIn’s New Mobile Interface

The dynamic thinkers at LinkedIn are rolling out a slew of impressive original features for their exciting company pages — meant to facilitate marketing strategies and improve hiring practices in a way that will leave the competition in the dust. The social media site now has over 590 million members, with just over thirty million pages, such as the XIO Group, devoted to commercial companies. Community managers and their marketing staff will discover that these original features are going to make consumer engagement and professional interaction a breeze worldwide.

The Mobile Age

LinkedIn’s brand new mobile features makes interfacing so easy for professional marketers and community managers that they’ll wonder how they got along without it. In the past both community managers and professional marketers were obligated to interact with target audiences using only desktop pc’s, which really handicapped them when it came to moderating pages on a mobile system.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that social media has gone mobile. Just looking around the coffee shop, the shopping mall, even in theaters and at worship services, everyone is on their mobile device. For better or worse, consumers now take the internet with them wherever they go — even senior citizens are beginning to catch up with this trend, via user-friendly smartphones and wrist devices that monitor their health. So it’s only natural that LinkedIn would hop on the bandwagon and tweak their technology to make it among the most mobile-friendly in the social media universe.

Since it’s the community manager that is the voice, ears, and face of the landing page, playing the most crucial role in consumer engagement, if they are prevented from interacting fully and completely on a mobile level with prospective customer in real time, valuable business opportunities are definitely going to be lost. And that means lost income. In today’s tight sales market, that is always a prelude to downsizing, if not business extinction.

This improving mobile pages for companies provides an excellent interface that increases the chance to engage and interact with prospect niche audiences from any mobile device, anywhere in the world. So community managers now can respond immediately, reacting to questions, complaints, and general comments in real time and with specific information. When a consumer makes contact, an immediate response must be launched — otherwise, just like fly fishing, the trout wiggles off the hook and goes elsewhere as fast as possible.

Hashtags are another brand new feature

These fresh LinkedIn pages are now #hashtag functional. What this means to managers and marketers alike is that they are able now to listen to and respond immediately to all relevant communications going on on LinkedIn with real time capability. Plus using hashtags will now allow for native photo posting, as well as text, videos, PowerPoints, and corporate documents right on the LinkedIn page, so content is enriched and marketing campaigns can be fulfilled faster and to better effect. It’s all about tell the brand story, and this new hashtag capability allows marketers to do just that. And with their new content indexing, finding quality content has never been easier and more efficient.

Career pages are here!

One of the greatest new features added has to be the Career page setup. They have 2 tabs — there’s one called a Life Tab and one called the Jobs Tab. Both are located in the new career pages and give members the chance to engage working staff and/or potential talent hires. It’s a fresh interface that provides staff and potential staff with a glimpse inside the workings of the company — to boost morale and give recruits the chance to see inside a company to explore its culture and working conditions.

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