Learn about Doe Deere’s new venture, Poppy Angeloff

Those who have been following Doe Deere’s Lime Crime business are happy to learn about her new venture, a jewelry company called Poppy Angeloff. From a young age, she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit when she started temporary tattoo business at the age of thirteen. She transformed into the world of jewelry naturally, and Poppy Angeloff is a brand that is expected to help the modern woman to look good.


Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who believes in innovation and creativity. She wants her ventures to be unique and attractive, and that is why she started Lime Crime and now launching a unique new line business, Poppy Angeloff. She focuses on symbolism and bold, bright colors. The entrepreneur wants pieces that have a strong symbolism instead of generic pieces. She also wants the pieces to look pretty and dazzling. Doe and Kat have created something that rekindled the spirit of recognition.

They have created Poppy Angeloff after discovering most of the women with small wrists and hands may lack bracelets fitting their hands. The entrepreneur comes from a family of ladies with small wrists and hands, and she hands this problem is real to most petite women.

The idea behind Poppy Angeloff

Doe Deere started the company together with her sister Kat. The two decided to launch Poppy Angeloff because they come from a family of petite women. Finding fitting jewelry in the market is a challenge because of their small wrists and hands. They created Poppy Angeloff to provide women with unique and attractive jewelry and do away with the problem of finding fitting jewelry.

After launching the company, it is operating under what the duo call an “invisible boutique. They already launched a website with an inventory but entering it requires that you have a code. To get a code visitors at the website are required to enter their email. It is one of the best marketing tactics, and fans are already excited about the new brand. It is attracting a massive following on Instagram.

Symbolism in their jewelry

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who believes that everyone has something special and unique. That is why she created pieces of jewelry with symbols that would make you feel special when wearing them. The jewelry’s symbol is a beautiful pansy. They use this as the symbol of the brand, and they want to use it in every aspect of their venture. For example, they want it on their company website, in the jewelry designs, and their packaging. During the Victorian error, a pansy was a symbol of love, and that is why the duo decided to use it in their new venture. The two sisters are happy to work together on the project, and they believe they will succeed in their endeavors. Their vision is to make it special to everyone who is interested in the products. They want customers to have their special ones in mind when buying these beautiful gems designed to be special to every user.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe is renowned by many for creating a successful makeup company called Lime Crime. Doe expanded the business to become one of the most successful online ventures, and fans love what they get from Doe’s company. Since its inception, it has been offering innovative and creative beauty products for nails, eyes, and lips. They offer products like bright colors and dyes, and the company has grown to become famous and gain a massive following. She started the company to encourage people from different parts of the world to use makeup to bring out their personality.

Doe wanted people to express themselves by using beautiful makeups, and it has already succeeded and achieved its goals.

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