How I Trained my Dog with BarxBuddy

I have a confession to make: I was very skeptical of BarxBuddy in the beginning. As a dog owner throughout my life, I’ve had varying levels of success training each one. My current dog was having some challenges with traditional training methods only, so I was looking for solutions to help the process as much as possible.

After searching online, I finally decided to give the device a try to see if it was worthy of the positive reviews online. So many people were having breakthroughs with their dog, and I felt like it could help me as well.

Initial thoughts

There are simply too many training methods out there that aren’t exactly the best for dogs. Some of them can put a dog in pain, while others use harmful products to help out.

I wanted no part of that. What ultimately sold me on BarxBuddy was that it was completely safe for my dog, and easy to use. While it was a slight learning process for me, it was something I felt was very beneficial in the end.

How it works

All a person has to do to get quality use out of BarxBuddy is press the button to get the attention of the dog when they do something they shouldn’t. This is when training can happen, because the button provides an ultrasonic sound that grabs their attention right away. The owner instantly has their attention and can work on what needs worked on.

It works best using the training method to help out with more formal training. Some people have had success using it as the only training the dog is currently going through, and it seems they have achieved meaningful results in just a short period of time.

How long does a BarxBuddy last?

I decided to purchase a pair of BarxBuddy devices when I originally placed my order. It came out to under $40 for each one, which I thought was a good deal. To me, it was worth having two options in case one broke down, or one was misplaced.

So far, both works extremely well. I use one or the other every single day, and they are both as good as new. Families might want to invest in three or even four, as the company offers discounts based on the amount purchased.

My final recommendation

Overall, my dog is generally well behaved, but a little extra training to stay sharp is always worth it. For me, I felt like my dog just needed a little bit more homework, and this helps out in a big way.

It’s a device that is very easy to use and carry everywhere, and the built-in flashlight comes in handy during the night. Not only does it help stimulate dogs, but it can also be used for safety reasons as well.
Dogs seem to react to this pretty well. It might not seem like it is grabbing their attention, but dogs are always whipping around after the button is pushed. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see what their customer say about BarxBuddy.

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