Expert Website Design Tips From The Pros Behind The Site Helpers 

Web Design Tips from The Site Helpers

Designing websites has never been easier, from a technical standpoint. There are so many tools available for free that just about anyone can dive in headfirst and get a prototype up and running in a few days. 

The skill comes into play when we start talking about designing an effective website that converts visitors into customers, subscribers, or whatever else you may need for your business/brand. So how can you get better at this design process? 

Well, you can start by listening to pros like The Site Helpers. The Site Helpers is a team of professional website and internet marketing experts who have mentored many businesses and brands on the art of web design. 

I managed to land an interview with The Site Helpers team and believe that I managed to extract some great information. Let’s take a look!

The Site Helpers' website design tips.

So let’s look at the start. Before a website is even made. What is the process like for you guys at The Site Helpers? How do you go from nothing to something grand?

Well, obviously, you need a plan of action for the website. Our team at The Site Helpers creates website development plans by talking with the owners as well as their customers in order to figure out what the site needs, what it might need, and what it could possibly need in the future. 

All of these things play a huge role in how we design and build the website. Which tools we use, which frameworks, how we style it, everything. 

So customer polling plays a big role in the design process?

Of course!  Not just polling but just analyzing customer data. You wouldn’t believe how much information you can gather from a website. 

We have tools to tell you how long someone stays on a particular page, where they tend to go after that page, and if they repeatedly visited the page. Using this data is how you can design an effective website. 

It won’t be perfect right when it’s created, but we slowly mold it to near-perfection through user-driven data. 

What makes users go from one page to another? Is it random, or does design play a role in that? 

Design absolutely plays a role in how customers react to a page. We know what we want them to do, you know. We know that we want a customer to go from the product page to the cart, for example. 

We do this through copywriting and calls to action. We test all of these things until we find out what is working the best. Nothing about the websites we design is random or fluff; everything has a specific purpose, and that’s how everyone’s site should be. 

The Site Helpers website design tips

I know you’re allowed to give us just one specific strategy you take to increase conversions from a product page to purchase. Can you share it with us?

How about the social strategy? Adding social proof to your page, through embedding Google reviews, for example, is a fantastic way to gain legitimacy in the eyes of your customers. 

Testimonials are another extremely possible strategy. Just know that the more legitimate your reviews are, the better it will work. 

How much of a role does the look of a site play? 

Your site’s aesthetics are the first things people notice. The Site Helpers believes it is extremely important to make a professional, minimal, and beautiful website. 

If your site is too far over the top, it will actually turn people off. If it’s too simple, it will also turn people off. Balance is necessary for a professional look.

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