4 New Ways to Integrate Technology In Your Business to Make it More Accessible

Technology has been a game changer for many modern businesses, making daily activities much more streamlined. It also helps a great deal with accessibility. Businesses are required by law to ensure their work area is as accessible for staff members who have disabilities as possible. 

Additionally, by implementing these measures, customers who have disabilities will also find that they can get around much easier with some added consideration. If you’re looking to find out how technology can help increase accessibility in your business, read on. 

1. Caption Calling Software

If you have staff members or customers who are hearing impaired, there are ways to facilitate better communication with them. Some people who are hearing impaired can speak with another individual on the phone, but it’s much harder for them to hear the responses. You can install a system for caption calls so that the response of the other person on the phone comes with a text caption and even a visual recitation. This gives people who have hearing loss a chance to be productive and make phone calls successfully. 

2. Remote Work Capabilities Increase Team Cohesion 

Collaboration has become instantaneous with technology, and often people can work from almost any location. This makes it much easier for employees who are disabled to collaborate on the same project with a teammate who is far away. Video calling and instant chat capabilities make it easier for those who can’t make it to off-site meetings. Ideas and progress can still be made without physical exertion. 

3. Closed and Self Contained Product Integration

Some types of technology are products intended for use for those who have disabilities without requiring another’s help to get them started. This might be an assistive talking fax machine or calculator. If these products are readily available, it saves time for the person who needs them because they won’t have to wait for help with getting the technology set up. 

4. Accessibility Helps Achieve Faster Customer Care

If you’re looking to make your business more accessible to customers and maximize profits, technology can help improve the speed and manner in which you talk with them. “Website chat support, interactive surveys, and around-the-clock availability through social media can give you an edge when compared with the competition. This also improves the efficiency of employees when they can use faster methods of getting in contact with one another,” remarked Bill Blanton, founder and chairman at CINC Systems

These ideas are just a few ways that technology helps immensely with improving accessibility. Since a portion of the workforce (and customer base) relies on these technologies immensely to communicate or to do their job successfully, providing these tools can be a great help. 

A lot of these tools require high-speed Internet to function appropriately in real time. That’s why even if you invest in these technologies, it’s important to ensure they will work correctly with your Internet connection. With a few integrations, your business can help every employee and customer achieve what they need to easily and effectively.

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