4 Cashmere Cardigan Styles And How To Style Them

Cashmere is a natural fiber that looks fantastic when dressed up or down. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and holds its shape nicely as long as the article of clothing is properly cared for. There are many different styles of cashmere cardigans available on the market today— some modern and others more classic in nature!

During the colder months of the year, cashmere sweaters become the ideal wardrobe staple. Not only do they come in many shades of neutral colors, but they also have the ability to wick moisture away from the skin while also providing adequate warmth. The following four styles are vastly popular and can look great worn year-round, but especially so in the fall and winter months ahead!

4 Popular Cashmere Cardigan Styles

1. The “MAXI” Cardigan

What defines the maxi cardigan is its oversized comfortable nature as well as its long length. A properly styled maxi cardigan is semi-fitted in the body and arms while also providing adequate back coverage. Usually, a maxi length cardigan will fall well below the knees, but this standard may differ based on the height of an individual.

Maxi duster cardigans are a great layering piece and are easily worn with other long sleeves or shirts underneath. Usually, the front closures feature a simple tie that allows the cardigan to remain breathable as well as functional. For those wanting a bit more room or simply enjoying layering many pieces, purchasing a size up is recommended.

**Best maxi sweater recommendation: The “Marline Cashmere Maxi Cardigan”

2. The “RIBBED” Cardigan

Ribbed cardigans are often defined by the smaller ribbed nature that makes the material somewhat elastic but also loosely form-fitting. The zipper closure allows the wearer to easily zip the cardigan on and off while the hip length edging provides the cardigan a casual almost athletic appearance.

In most instances, cashmere ribbed cardigans are not meant to become layering pieces. Instead, they’re more appropriate as a single-layer item or to remain worn above a tank or simple henley shirt. They also pair well with jogging or track pants, but also play well with trousers, leggings or denim.

**Best ribbed cardigan recommendation: The “Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan” from QUINN 

3. The “POINTELLE” Cardigan

Casual yet dressy at the same time, cashmere cardigans with a pointelle design feature an open front and plenty of forgiving room. The open nature of the cardigan makes it the perfect layering piece and provides a soft, comfortable, and cuddly layer against the bitter cold.

Whether lounging at home or running errands, the pointelle detail adds just enough interest while the completely open construction gives off a casual vibe. These sweaters are meant to remain semi-fitted in the arms while the body is worn loosely— perfect for layering!

**Best pointelle detail cardigan recommendation: The “Jules Cashmere Cardigan With Pointelle Detail”


A play on the words cardigan and coat, coatigans are the latest trend in cashmere fashion! They offer a stunning elongated silhouette that bodes well for both a casual and dressy look. These sweaters are similar in nature to dusters, but they’re more akin to coats without the extra bulky lining. Considered a great piece for layering over a favorite tunic or fitted sweater, coatigans are both comfortable and sophisticated.

The simple shape hugs curves and silhouettes without becoming overbearing, but fashionable shoppers will also find that this wardrobe staple is easily worn year-round! Selecting this cardigan in a neutral shade of cream, black or gray ensures that it plays well with a large number of patterns and colors without becoming the sole focus of the outfit.

**Best coatigan recommendation: The “AUDREY” Cashmere Coatigan

Why Invest In QUINN’s Cashmere Line?

Many shoppers wrongly live with the assumption that cashmere cardigans are fussy and prone to stretching out of shape. This fact is only true if the clothing articles aren’t properly stored and laundered. QUINN offers some of the most affordable and highest quality cashmere on the market!

Though cashmere is a dry clean only material, going the extra mile will mean that it lasts for many seasons and occasions. Not only is cashmere breathable, but it’s a luxurious fabric that simply looks different even to the untrained eye. One good cashmere cardigan or sweater can serve as a staple in anyone’s wardrobe while ensuring that the fit is both flattering and fashionable.

Cashmere is also a great gift for the recipient. It translates well for gifting while also demonstrating a basic knowledge of the person on the receiving end of the gift. As cashmere is usually not paired with synthetic fibers, it is crucial to get an appropriately sized article of clothing. For those wanting optimum comfort, sizing up is always recommended. This is almost always the case with layering cardigan pieces as having a tightly fitted sweater doesn’t leave room for much else.

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