Ways to Create an Effective Customer Value Journey

customer value concept

Growing a business takes hard work, determination, and an ample amount of time. You can choose to build the traditional and tiring way, or you could give your business a boost by switching to something more modern and mainstream. 

If you’re looking to expand your market as well as your sales, then why not try what has led countless other business to success? It’s called the customer value journey, better known as CVJ, and it’s the best way to entice and nurture long-standing customers. Here’s what you need to know to make this approach effective. 

Attention Grabber

There’s no value journey if a customer isn’t even aware that you, your product, or your brand exist. You need an attention grabber to make this little journey look appealing. Come up with a creative advertisement, one that’s easily shared on social media, and get your offering in the spotlight. 

Keep in mind that, while words are highly effective, social media users are looking for pictures. This makes Instagram and Tumblr ideal, but doesn’t rule out giants like Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it’s catchy enough to grab someone’s attention. 


Grabbing someone’s attention is only the first, small step. Next, you’ll need to get them to engage if they’re going to take the customer value journey. Use the content of your advertisement to entertain and inform them at the same time, and you’ll have them contacting you in one way or another. 

Sneak in the Subscription

Now that the customer is engaged with your brand, it’s vital that you have them subscribe. This is easier said than done in the age of online safety. So, you’ll want to make sure they have to enter as little personal information as possible. 

Your goal here is to entice with samples, freebies, demos, or webinars. However your product or service is best put on display, use it. Then, simply request that they sign up with their email to get the enticement. 


Now that you’re in, whether it’s in their mailbox or social media newsfeed, the conversion process can begin. Keep up your offers, making sure to focus on the value your product or service can bring. Before long, your prospect is likely to become curious.

This is also where they can make an emotional connection with your brand, the social initiatives your brand participates in, and begin to learn how a product or service could better fit into their lives. To create value with a customer, all these elements are vitally important. 

From Excitement to Buyer

Plenty of potential customers will begin considering making a purchase as their emotional connection to your brand and the value you can provide becomes clear. However, this still might not be enough to turn them into a buyer. 

This is where you can build excitement through freebies and bonuses. All you’re doing is adding a little more value into the purchase price, enticing a viewer to pull the lever and make that sale. While they’re deciding to do so, you can quickly amp up profits with value-adding add-ons. 

If you sold makeup, for instance, you could entice the buyer with a free face mask. Of course, you have another product that really brings out luxurious feeling skin in combination with that mask. So, why not pitch the up-sell once they’re already buying the product to amp up your sale price as well as the value your customer is seeking? 

Finally, ask them to share their experience with your product on social media. First-hand testimonials like these are the final part of the customer value journey, but they’re also the beginning of another customer’s journey. 

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