The Solution To Your Real Estate Problems Is Finally Here

Real estate startups face many challenges. One of the challenges is in establishing their business. Establishing a real estate business can be easier said than done. However, despite all odds, taking a step to invest in the industry is the wisest decision you can make in creating a continuous stream of passive income. 

According to research, 80% of new real estate agents fail or quit the business within the first year. Other statistics from the National Association of Realtors have shown that 87% fail within the first five years of entering the industry. But what makes them fall?

Problems Facing Real Estate Investors

Unclear Goals & Action Plans

Many startups rush to join the business without understanding the fundamental principles governing real estate. Others have no set goals or proper action plans. These challenges originate from the lack of guidance or training from experienced realtors. Did you know that having clear goals can boost your profitability and make your business sustainable?

Poor Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is one of the essential skills of an excellent real estate investor. It is one thing to have leads, yet it is different from having leads that convert. Not having leads will make your business die a natural death because you will not close a deal. But how many startup investors ever try to learn new ways of lead generation. How many are willing to invest in coaching and training? It would help if you had the proper knowledge and tools to beat the competition and disrupt the market.

Property Investment Knowledge Is Expensive To Obtain

Many investors operate in ignorance because knowledge is expensive. However, in the long run, ignorance becomes even more costly. Purchasing a real estate property is not just buying and selling. It involves processes and actions which need professional counsel. Therefore, as a startup, you may get overwhelmed and risk losing the market’s best deals. Therefore, make an effort and invest in the proper knowledge. 

The #1 Solution Is Here

The above challenges should not frighten you, as Tom Cruz is solving these market problems professionally one at a time. This North Carolina guru and a Brazillian native from Rio teaches people how to get started and scale their property portfolio to curb the above challenges. He is the founder of CashFlow Pros, the fastest growing real estate discord geared towards first-time real estate investors. Besides, Thomas buys single-family properties and rents them out to subsidized government programs proving out that the business can work. 

Thomas Cruz is helping first-time investors in the industry to invest right. He prioritizes step-by-step video tutorials, weekly group coaching and a community of investors that will stick with you as a startup investor every step of the way. 

CashFlow Pros provides the tools, expertise, resources and a community that will help you grow a passive real estate portfolio. The platform also has subscription services that will significantly benefit you as a member. You will receive curated educational resources that will solve most of your problems as a real estate investor. 

Lessons To Learn From Thomas Cruz

In solving some of the real estate problems, Tom has learned to leverage digital marketing. He uses social media to his advantage. That is why Tom has amassed a following of 600,000 on TikTok and 18000 on Instagram. 

Tom has also learnt about the concept of reinvesting. When he bought his first condo and rented it out a year later, he purchased another property with the funds he had generated from other side hustles. Tom continued reinvesting and buying more condos/single-family homes. Through reinvesting, his business has grown to hundreds of homes within a short time. Many investors collapse because they fail to reinvest back to the company and create more income. 

Join CashFlow Pros today and experience a whole new difference in your business. Do not allow the frustrations that come with investing in weighing you down. Stand firm and strong. Believe in yourself and believe in the process. Be patient, work hard, be persistent and have passion while doing your business. For more information on overcoming the real estate battles, you can connect to Tom Cruz on; 





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