How Is Changing the Way People Shop for Private Loans

Private loans have become a go-to option for borrowers who need a quick and reliable way to get the cash they need. Popular for fix and flips and home renovations, these private loans are not only growing in popularity, but are consistently being used in new ways for those who need a short-term cash solution. One of the many reasons why these loans are becoming more popular is because of websites like, which are making it simpler than ever for borrowers to find the private loan that works for them.

In fact, this new website is currently the largest directory of private real estate lenders in the country, with more than 1,200 loan providers working through the platform. It isn’t just the size of the directory that is most impressive about, this company is also the first business of its kind that allows borrowers to get extensive information about loan terms, review the available lenders and do comprehensive research on their own.

So, how does this innovative new platform work? Interested borrowers can simply log on and start searching the directory by city or state. From there, Hard Money Home will deliver a comprehensive list of different loans, loan terms, lenders, fees and rates for users to browse. The company also has a rating system so that borrowers can look at other user reviews and make the best decision possible for their needs.

However, what users will perhaps find most helpful is that this company not only helps connect them with private lenders, but it also helps educate the average consumer on what their private loan options are. Since the average person is not as familiar with a private money loan as they are with say a mortgage, the company is helping to educate current and potential customers with insight on loan examples, average interest rates, and state-specific guides that cover the entire United States.

Looking for information on interest rates, home renovations or protecting yourself financially with fix and flip properties? The company offers insight on all of these topics and more. In fact, according to founder and CEO Ryan Patterson, Hard Money Home was designed “to cover anything and everything a borrower may need.” Patterson would know first-hand, as he has more than 12 years of experience working as a private real estate lender himself.

In a world dominated by shows like Fixer Upper that glamorize the home investment and renovation process, it is becoming more pertinent than ever for the average consumer to really understand what goes into the financial side of these real estate deals. With their comprehensive library of resources, their detailed directory and their professional insight, Hard Money Home is not only educating the masses when it comes to securing this type of private lending, but they are completely changing the game on how people shop for these loans as well. No matter what type of project you are looking for financing on, Hard Money Home can match you with a lender who can help.

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