Douglas James: 5 Ways His Courses Are Helping Entrepreneurs in 2020

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It’s no surprise that being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot more than reading a book, going to a conference, or buying office space. That’s because starting a business to be its best requires funneling as much knowledge into the venture as possible. Douglas James knows this better than anyone which is why he holds a series of courses specifically for budding or growing entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur himself, Douglas James built his business from the ground up and is now a world-renowned leader in the marketing field. Douglas James was able to build his brand on a foundation rooted in more than just the knowledge you’d get from a book, but rather hands-on networking and experience. It’s with this history as a successful business owner that Douglas James has created his courses with a focus on relevant knowledge, insight, and communication. Here are 5 ways that Douglas James’ courses are helping entrepreneurs in 2020.


When beginning your journey as a budding entrepreneur, it can be difficult knowing where to get the most reliable, consistent, and relevant knowledge. It should come as no surprise that there’s not a how-to guide to being your best entrepreneurial self, but Douglas James’ courses are certainly a great way to find a wide variety of relevant knowledge at your fingertips. 


You wouldn’t ask a plumber to teach you how to paint, would you? That’s because experience is important in any field but understanding experiences that other entrepreneurs have gone through and how they’ve handled it is important for anyone looking to do the same. Through his courses, Douglas James is able to bring his and his network’s experience as entrepreneurs to help others understand what to be prepared for when beginning this journey.


When learning anything, it’s important to have an open channel of communication to ask relevant questions, sharing ideas, or simply engaging in your favorite subject matter. Conversation goes a long way in the learning process. With Douglas James’ courses, conversations are held in an effort to learn, grow, and bounce ideas off of each other. Learn more about the courses straight from Douglas James on his most recent interview


It’s just as important to understand how to use your knowledge as it is to gain the knowledge in the first place. With Douglas James’ courses, you can learn how to expand your newfound knowledge in a tangible way. When beginning your business venture, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of resources available, but it’s important to find the best for your business, which Douglas James’ courses can help you with.


At the end of the day, the entrepreneurial world is all about what you know and who you know. Being able to rely on your network for support and knowledge is of huge importance. Douglas James’ courses have a network built in that is growing by the day through their successful courses! Speaking of networking, reach out to Douglas James on Facebook and LinkedIn

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