3 Reasons You Need to Collaborate with World-Renowned Musicians

People who are passionate about their craft are always on a journey of perfecting their skills. The reason being, becoming competent in their industry. There is a thrill in witnessing the public comprehend your works. For musicians, one powerful way of growing is collaborating with more prominent musicians. According to Billboard Hot 100 in 2018, collaborations in America’s music industry represent a third of the hit songs.

Alain Merville helps artists develop their skills through his online platform. Alain is a musician specializing in piano playing and advanced gospel. He brings a wide range of experience in the music field to his work, being an artist, manager, and cultivator of talent. He is the CEO of, a platform that allows music students globally to connect with the most gifted musicians. The platform also offers detailed and advanced lessons to all talent and experience levels. 

Here are the reasons why you need to collaborate with world-renowned musicians.  

  1. Exploiting different skills and sharing ideas

Music collaboration with renowned artists is when you connect with a star in the industry to produce a musical project. These partnerships can occur at various stages of your musical journey, and it is one of the powers that propel the music industry. The stars in your industry have more experience and know-how of the market. You can thus buy tips from them when working together. Furthermore, different creatives have different skills. Working with talented ones will equip you with complementary skills and ideas to improve your knowledge of music.

In the process of collaboration, you will be surprised to see how much you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. On identifying them, you can work on the missteps with the guide of experienced artists. When you also collaborate with artists in different genres, you can learn to integrate different sounds and develop something mind-blowing.

  1. Music collaboration increases productivity.

Working with distinguished musicians in the industry is efficient and effective. The partnership can help measure your creativity and expertise compared to the renowned musicians. In the creative process, you can acquire some ideas to boost your creativity and expand your skills. Ideas come about in an interactive session when coming up with a great song.

It is also in the process that you strive to come out with the best piece worth each other’s time. The partnership pushes you to meet deadlines and even to outperform. The effort you put in should make the collaboration a success to pave the way for more opportunities. When you create a sound to be remembered by the celebrity’s network, there is a high chance of rising fast in the industry.

  1. Artists can expand their network and fanbase

Working with legendary artists does not mean that you only gain expertise, but you also gain an audience. You will get some limelight in the market when you partner with a renowned artist. People often look forward to new releases by celebrities, and as a young artist featured in the release, you can expect some notoriety. If a celebrity’s network is pleased with your sound, you could expect calls worldwide for gigs and interviews. From the interviews, you will be building your network. 

You, too, can attest that you mostly spot new talents through a collaboration with a celebrity. Succeeding in the music industry is mainly determined by the extent of your music coverage and acceptance. Research shows that collaboration has doubled in the past decade, with the most increase between 2017 and 2019. It also indicates that partnership lets an artist reach a wider audience.


When you engage with YousicPlay, you can easily connect and collaborate with established musicians globally to perfect your skills and thrive in the industry. Alain Merville allows all talent and experience levels in the music industry to become their best versions. Therefore, it would help if you take a course on YousicPlay and get a chance to work with the best of the best artists. Alain has worked with high-profile clients like Ne-Yo, Cory Henry, Arturo Sandoval, among others. You can access the program by following them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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